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What are the different ways of appointing attorneys? 

There are different ways your Attorney can Act, if you are appointing more than one: they can either act "jointly" (which means that they must make all decisions together) or "jointly and severally" (which means that they can make decisions together or separately). Alternatively, they can be appointed "jointly" for some decisions, and "jointly and severally" for other decisions. 
Quite often, people automatically think that they would want their Attorneys to act "jointly". However, one issue with this can be that if one of the Attorneys is unable to act, for example if they are out of the country, if they become ill, or if they predecease you, this could invalidate the document, and mean that none of your Attorneys can act at all. 
Therefore, more often than not, it’s better to appoint your Attorneys to act "jointly and severally". 
In relation to how to appoint your Attorneys to act, it’s always best to seek legal advice from our team of expert Lasting Power of Attorney solicitors. Contact our experts if you are looking to make an Lasting Power of Attorney, and get it right first time. 

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With a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach, our expert team are experienced in drafting Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Deputyship Applications, as well as in dealing with the administration of estates and obtaining Grants of Probate. 
MG Legal's offices are based in Lancaster, Longridge, and Garstang, but we also offer home visits to those who require a home attendance by one of our team. 
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