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No Win No Fee Tummy Tuck Medical Negligence Solicitors 

A tummy tuck, officially known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure used to remove excess fat and skin around the lower abdomen, with an aim of making the area appear tighter. 
While the procedure is fairly common nowadays, both on the NHS and in private surgeries, there is a degree of risk involved with all cosmetic procedures. 
If you have suffered from injury or illness as a result of a tummy tuck surgery in the past three years, contact our team of No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitors today, here. 
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MG Legal's solicitors accept all Medical Negligence claims on a "No Win No Fee" agreement, and have an unmatched success rate over 99%. 

What are the different kinds of tummy tucks? 

Widely speaking, tummy tuck procedures can be broken down into three different categories. These are:- 
An extended tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)- This is the most invasive kind of tummy tuck procedure, and is often completed on patients who have large amounts of sagging skin as a result of an extreme weight loss or pregnancy. It is completed under general anaesthetic, and consists of three parts. The surgeon will first remove any excess skin and fat from around the lower abdomen. They will then remove tissue from the waist, back, and upper thigh area in order to reshape the abdominal area in line with the skin removal, before finally repositioning the belly button. 
A standard tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)- As with an extended tummy tuck, this procedures includes both the removal of excess skin and fat, and the repositioning of the belly button. It does not, however, involve the back or upper thigh area. 
A mini tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)- Unlike other tummy tuck procedures, this does not involve the removal or repositioning of the belly button. A small amount of excess skin and fat will be removed from the lower abdominal area, and only a small scar incision will be left above the pubic area from the surgery. 

What kind of injuries can occur as a result of a negligent tummy tuck surgery? 

While some scarring and physical evidence of the cosmetic procedure is to be expected with a tummy tuck surgery, excessive injury or side effects could be evidence of negligent actions by the medical professional in performing the surgery. 
You should have a prior agreement with the surgeon and medical team involved as to what the end result should be, which is generally a flatter and firmer stomach with limited pain and scarring. Signs that this agreement may have been broken may include, but are by no means limited to:- 
Any infections to the area involved in the surgery 
Excessive or persistent scarring 
Excessive or persistent pain in the lower abdominal area 
Raised/inflamed scarring 
Nerve damage 
Issues with the bellybutton area- e.g loss of bellybutton, incorrect positioning or shape of belly button 
Signs of Haematoma (bleeding under the skin), which could require further medical attention or surgery 
Overly tight skin indicating the removal of too much skin during the surgery 

I think that I have suffered medical negligence during my tummy tuck surgery. What are the next steps? 

If you have undergone a tummy tuck procedure, and have suffered from injury or illness as a result, then you could be entitled to financial compensation through a medical negligence personal injury claim. 
If you are planning on pursuing a case for your treatment, there are a few steps and things that you can do to help with the claims process further down the line:- 
Ensure to take regular photographs of the injured or affected area, time-stamped if possible, documenting how it changes and develops over time. This can help our expert medical negligence solicitors to prove the immediate effects of your tummy tuck procedure. 
Always remember to keep hold of any documentation that you were given, such as consent or advice forms, aftercare booklets and any other booklets or pamphlets you were given by the surgeon or surgery. 
Make a note of the surgeon’s details, their employer’s details, and any information you can find on their insurer. 
If you have not already, begin to keep a diary or digital log of everything that happens regarding your injury, no matter how small it may seem. This includes details of any conversations or correspondences with the surgeon or medical surgery, any updates or changes in your injury, and information of any treatment that you attempt. 

What is the average payout for a tummy tuck negligence claim? 

For the injuries sustained from you tummy tuck alone, our team of medical negligence solicitors can estimate an amount of financial compensation available using the guidlines set out by the Judicial College.  
Some of these are outlines below: 
Potential compensation: 
A single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars. 
£2,220 to £7,350 
Severe prolonged pain- where symptoms persist after treatment period, and affect a patient's ability to work. 
£39,530 to £59,110 
Moderate pain disorder- ranging from cases where symptoms are ongoing but to a lesser degree than above, to where a recovery, or near recovery, is made up to a few years after. 
£19,770 to £36,120 
More minor injuries where a full recovery is able to be made within three months. 
£1,290 to £2,300 
Minor injuries in which a full recovery is possible within 28 days. 
£650 to £1,290 

How can MG Legal medical negligence solicitors help me with my tummy tuck claim? 

Here at MG Legal, our expert medical negligence personal injury solicitors have over thirty years of experience in their field, and have settled many claims just like yours. 
They operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if they do not settle the claim and win financial compensation on behalf of our clients, then they do not get paid. We are able to operate in this way due to our success rate, which is in excess of 99%. 
We believe that all of the advice we give is professional and reliable, and we always respond to our clients' emails, and telephone calls within one working hour. It’s all about being polite, and we treat our clients how we would like to be treated. 
If you would like to speak to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors, get in touch, here, or pop into one of our multiple offices in Garstang, Longridge, or Lancaster
Our expert medical negligence team have over 30 years experience in all kinds of medical negligence compensation claims. In this time they have achieved a success rate in excess of 99%. Click down below to see more of what our team of medical negligence solicitors do, and why we know that they are the best team for you. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

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