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Tattoo personal injury solicitors near me. 

Tattoos are used as a way for people to express themselves, and you should feel proud doing so. 
However, our personal injury experts know that sometimes tattooists make mistakes, or even act negligently in their work, causing people injury or harm. If you have suffered from an injury, infection, or incorrect tattoo design, due to the negligent action of a tattoo artist, then you deserve financial compensation.  
MG Legal's personal injury solicitors are the NO WIN NO FEE tattoo injury specialists you need on your side, to help with your claim. If you have had a tattoo disaster in the last three years, and suffered an injury or infection as a result of the tatto artist's negligence, contact MG Legal to start your NO WIN NO FEE tattoo injury compensation claim. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Claim up to £21,330 in your Tatto Injury negligence claim with MG Legal. 

 MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  


What are the most common injuries sustained in tattoo parlours? 

All tattooists are required to ensure that the equipment they use is sterile, that all work surfaces, including desks, floors, tables and chairs are smooth and made of an impervious material, in order to aid cleaning, and stop the spread of infection. The Department of Health and Social Care in England said local authorities had the power "to regulate the hygiene and cleanliness of tattoo and piercing providers if they judge there is a risk to health and safety’’.  
But injuries still occur. The most common injuries and accidents that our personal injury solcitors specialising in tattoo injury claims see, are: 
Allergic reactions and bacterial infections 
Infections from non-sterilised tattoo equipment 
Hyper-pigmentation from tattoo removal treatments 
Poorly carried our tattoo treatment, including the wrong artwork and misspelt names 
Dermatitis or other condition affecting the skin 
Blood infection 
If you have suffered from a personal injury as a result of a tattooist’s negligence, then you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation, on a no win no fee basis. Tattooists have a duty to keep their clients safe from injury and harm, and this means that all tattooists must have the relevant experience and qualifications to carry out your tattoo. 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

What duty of care does a tattoo artist owe you? 

Before starting a new tattoo, the tattoo artist should ask you questions about your medical history and check for any skin reactions. They must also use properly sterilised equipment for each tattoo, to prevent the risk of infection.  
The majority of injuries caused by tattooists are caused by human error, and usually involve one of the following: 
Lack of health and safety procedure, such as the tattooist not using new needles 
A lack of aftercare advice 
Failure to review the client’s medical notes, to ensure they have no skin conditions 
Follow appropriate health and safety practices such as washing hands 
Obtaining full consent prior to commencing the tattooing process 
Checking that the client is over the age of 18. The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 defines a tattoo as "the insertion into the skin of any colouring material designed to leave a permanent mark”.  

What should I do if I have been injured from a tattoo? 

If you have been injured, suffered infection, or damage to the skin, in any way, as a result of the negligent actions of a tattooist, then contact MG Legal’s personal injury experts for a no obligation chat about how we can help you make a claim for personal injury compensation.  
Simply get in touch with MG Legal and we will make sure you speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor straight away. We will guide you through the whole process. To make a claim against your tattooist, you can help your solicitor by providing: 
Confirmation of your attendance at the tattooist, including the name of the tattoo parlour, and, if possible, the name of the tattooist; 
Photographs of the injuries and any subsequent scarring, peeling or reaction, as well as taking regular pictures to show how you are recovering from your injuries;  
Record the names of any witnesses to the session or incident or to any relevant events before or after; 
Seek medical treatment if necessary, this will ensure that you have the best chance of making a full recovery as well as providing evidence for your claim. 
MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a specialist personal injury team working for clients who have been injured as a result of piercings or tattoos that have gone wrong. If you contact one of our offices, our solicitors can assess your case immediately and can look to agree to accept your claim immediately on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win no fee agreement) basis. If this is the case, we can have paperwork sent to you same day. 

How much compensation can I claim for a tattoo injury claim? 

If you have been injured as a result of a tattoo gone wrong, then the amount of compensation you will receive depends upon how the injury affects your life, how it looks, and how long, if ever, you will take to recover from your injury.  
In terms of the injury alone, these values are governed by the 15th Edition of the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, and your claim for personal injury compensation would be valued as follows: 
Injury description: 
Estimated financial compensation: 
Dermatitis of both hands- with cracking and soreness, affecting and employment, and domestic capability, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, with some psychological consequences, with an indefinite prognosis before a full recovery is made, if indeed a recovery is made at all. 
£12,900, to £18,020 
Dermatitis of one or both hands- continuing for a significant period, but settling with treatment and/or use of gloves for specific tasks. 
£8,110 to £10,710 
Itching, irritation of, and/or rashes of one or both hands- but resolving within a few months without treatment. A short-lived aggravation of a pre-existing skin condition will also fall within this bracket. 
£1,600 to £3,710 
Substantial scarring to the arms, legs, chest or back areas of the body- where there are a number of noticeable scars. 
£7,350 and £21,330 
A single noticeable scar, or otherwise several smaller (superficial) scars- of legs, arms, or hands, with some minor cosmetic deficit. 
£2,220 to £7,350 
While these amounts give some indication as to the amount of finanical compensation that you could expect to achieve for your injury, they do not take into account the addition of any extra payments, such as care costs and treatment costs. These are known as special damages. 
For a full overview of general and special damages, see here.  

Why choose MG Legal if I have suffered an injury as a result of a tattooist’s negligence? 

MG Legal’s expert team of solicitors have over 30 years of experience working in the personal injury sector, and have settled claims worth tens of thousands of pounds in damages for our clients, when beauty treatments, piercing, or tattoos have gone wrong. We have a success rate above 99% and we have access to leading medical experts, to ensure that you receive the personal injury compensation you deserve for your injuries, as well as the care that you deserve.  
If you instruct MG Legal to pursue your tattoo injury claim, we will obtain medical evidence from a dermatologist, laser dermatologist, and, if required, a plastic surgeon, to ensure that any future treatment you require is obtained, and a prognosis for the recovery from your injuries is clearly given.  
Choose MG Legal’s personal injury experts, and you will be in very safe hands. We accept all personal injury claims against tattooists on a no win no fee basis, with no financial risk to our clients. Get in touch today, here, for a free, no-obligation discussion of your potential claim. 
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