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Sepsis Negligence Claims 

Medical negligence brain injury claim solicitors

Am I eligible to make a claim for sepsis? 

If you have suffered from unnecessary illness or injury as a result of negligent treatment of sepsis, you should be eligible to make a sepsis negligence claim. The key to the medical negligence claim is to work with a medical negligence solicitor to prove that the doctor or medical professional acted negligently in treating your sepsis, and that this led to unnecessary further illness or injury. 
To discuss your specific sepsis negligence claim, and whether or not you are eligible to make a claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors today, here, for a free, no-obligation chat with a solicitor. 

When does sepsis become a medical negligence claim? 

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. If a case of sepsis is recognised and treated within the first hour of when the symptoms become apparent, then the survival rates are increased to around 80%. 
If your sepsis has been misdiagnosed as another condition, symptoms have been ignored by a medical professional, or the diagnosis was delayed in any way, then you could make a medical negligence claim for sepsis negligence. 
Different mistakes that can lead to a successful medical negligence claim include: 
Delayed diagnosis- whether sent home or kept in a hospital or medical facility waiting for a diagnosis 
Misdiagnosis- where symptoms are not recognised as sepsis, and the doctor wrongly diagnoses your sepsis as another medical condition, allowing the sepsis to be left untreated 
Test errors- where the necessary diagnostic tests for sepsis are not carried out, are not carried out properly, or the results of the tests are misread 
Medication errors- sepsis is given the incorrect medication, or incorrect dosage, leading to ineffective treatment 
If you have suffered mistakes in your medical treatment of sepsis, then get in touch with our specialist sepsis negligence claims solicitors today to learn more about how we can help you. 

How much is my sepsis negligence claim worth? 

When you make a medical negligence claim for financial compensation, your claim will be broken down into two parts. The first, called special damages, covers any type of financial expenses that you have suffered because of your negligent medical treatment for your sepsis. This can make up the large majority of many medical negligence claims, and is calculated on an individual basis. 
The other part of your claim for financial compensation, known as general damages, covers the pain and suffering of the illness itself. This amount is calculated based on the severity of your injury or illness. For more information on your specific claim, and how much it might be worth, contact out specialist medical negligence solicitors here. 

How to make a claim for sepsis negligence: 

If you are looking to make a sepsis negligence claim for financial compensation, you first and foremost need to get in touch with a specialist medical negligence solicitor, such as MG Legal. Medical negligence claims can be complex and complicated, and require the legal expertise of a specialist solicitor. 
After an initial, no-obligation discussion with MG Legal’s medical negligence solicitors, we will get a simple claim form sent out for you to fill in and get back to us, including all of the useful information that we need to get started on your claim. After this, we will get started on your sepsis negligence claim for financial compensation the same working day, and build your claim to be as strong and robust as possible. For more information on how we work, and how we can help with your claim, contact us online here. 

Is sepsis the hospital’s fault? 

A large proportion of those who contract sepsis do so while in hospital for treatment of another existing infection. There are a number of hospital-acquired infections, or infections caught or picked up while in hospital for other treatments, that can commonly lead to sepsis in patients, These include: 
Infections to the blood 
Infected surgical wounds 
Urinary tract infections 
While the contraction of sepsis from one of these hospital-acquired infections, or any other type of infection, does not in itself justify a medical negligence claim, it could be an indication of a medical professional who has made a mistake leading to a hospital-acquired infections (HAI). 
Some of the common mistakes that might lead to sepsis include: 
Inadequate handwashing 
Inadequate aftercare 
Improperly sanitised equipment 
If it can be proved that a medical professional, or a healthcare facility, failed to meet their requirements to prevent hospital-acquired infections and the development of sepsis, then you could be eligible to make a medical negligence claim with MG Legal. 

Can you sue the NHS for sepsis? 

Nobody wants to sue the NHS or to take legal action against them. The NHS is a great service, with amazing staff, who go above and beyond to provide care to ill and injured patients. 
However, mistakes happen, and some medical mistakes can lead to unnecessary further injury or illness. Sometimes, when this happens, it is necessary for patients to take legal action against in order to obtain financial compensation for what they have been through, and prevent it happening to others. 
To make a medical negligence claim against the NHS for negligence leading to sepsis, or negligent treatment or diagnosis of sepsis, then contact MG Legal’s specialist medical negligence solicitors to speak with an expert today. 

What is the Sepsis Six in sepsis treatment? 

The sepsis six care bundle is a combination of medical therapies that have been adopted by hospitals in England and Wales in order to prevent mortality in sepsis patients. 
As part of the sepsis six, the following actions should be taken within one hour of sepsis being diagnosed: 
blood cultures 
check full blood count and lactate 
IV fluid challenge 
IV antibiotics 
monitor urine output 
give oxygen 
This gives an insight into the intensity of the treatment of sepsis in England and Wales, and what is expected of doctors and medical staff. 

Can I make a sepsis claim for a loved one who has passed away with sepsis? 

If your loved one suffered from negligent diagnosis or negligent sepsis treatment, and passed away as a result of their illness, then you could be eligible to make a sepsis negligence claim for financial compensation on their behalf. This will be done through a fatal negligence claim. 
Here at MG Legal, our fatal negligence solicitors know that no amount of money to compensate for the loss of your loved one, but we will ensure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to and the justice that you deserve in order to begin to rebuild your life. 
Our fatal accident claims solicitors accept all of our clients on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing you to make the claim at no financial risk. 

How long do I have to make a sepsis negligence claim? 

If you are looking to make a sepsis negligence claim, then it is a good idea to reach out to a specialist solicitor as soon as possible, and begin your claim for financial compensation. 
The time limits governing this process are governed by the Limitation Act of 1980. This Act states that adults have three years from the date at which the act of negligence causing their illness or injury occurred. Alternatively, if you were not aware of the negligent act until a later date, you instead have three years from the date at which you were aware of the negligent act to make a claim. For more information on the time limits for your specific claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors here. 

Will I have to go to court to make a sepsis negligence claim? 

Many people think of daunting court cases when they think of a medical negligence claim. However, this is not always the case. Here at MG Legal, our specialist medical negligence solicitors settle the large majority of our clients’ claims out of court, and successfully obtain liability from the defending party. 
Our solicitors have a success rate of 99% in all of the medical negligence claims that we accept, and this is because of the dedication of our team to build every claim to be as strong and robust as possible. After our solicitors have obtained an admission of liability, they will comprehensively gather all necessary evidence to obtain the maximum financial compensation for our clients. 

What is sepsis? 

Sepsis, or septicaemia, is an infection that occurs when the body’s immune system overacts to an existing infection, leading to inflammation and organ damage. If sepsis is not properly diagnosed and treated, it can lead to severe organ failure and can be fatal for patients. 
Around 52,000 people die every year in the UK from sepsis, and a further 60,000 suffering from life-changing effects for the rest of their life. 

What are the common signs of sepsis? 

There are a number of early symptoms that people suffering from sepsis may display. These include: 
An extremely high or low temperature 
Shortness of breath 
An increased heartbeat 
Slurred speech 
Intense muscle pain 
Reduced urine production 
Mental confusion and disorientation 
If you present any of these symptoms, then your temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate should be closely measured and monitored. On top of this, you may have to take a blood test, urine or stool samples, blood pressure tests, or imaging tests such as X-ray or CT scan. 
If you are not offered any of these diagnostic tests, despite showing clear symptoms, you could be eligible to make a sepsis negligence claim with our specialist solicitors. 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE sepsis negligence claim: 

Here at MG Legal, our medical negligence solicitors take a genuine interest in each and every one of our cases. We believe that our confidence in our own ability is demonstrated by the fact that every medical negligence claim we accept is on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement, which allows you to make a sepsis negligence claim at no financial risk. 
Simply get in touch with our team online, here, or by email at , for a no-obligation discussion of your potential claim. 

Have you suffered medical negligence in the last three years? 

Our specialised medical negligence solicitors have 30 years of experience in all aspects of sepsis negligence claims, and have achieved a success rate of over 99%. Click below to learn more about what our expert medical negligence solicitors do, and why they are the right team for you. 
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