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What is semi-permanent makeup? 

If you are wondering what semi-permanent makeup is, or whether your negligence claim falls under the category of semi-permanent injury claims, then our specialist beauty negligence solicitors are here to explain. 
Semi-permanent makeup covers a number of different treatments that use tattooing or micro-pigmentation to create long-lasting effects, such as thicker eyebrows, the appearance of permanent eyeliner, or the appearance of lipstick or lip tint. 

How can semi-permanent makeup gone wrong become a beauty negligence claim? 

Applying a semi-permanent makeup to the facial area can lead to skin reactions if the procedure is not carried our properly, or if a patch test is not applied to the skin at least 24 hours before the semi-permanent treatment is applied. 
The most common types of injury claims brought against salons for semi-permanent makeup compensation, include: 
Infections- often caused by unsterile equipment or a failure to clean the area to be dyed properly prior to commencing application of the semi-permanent makeup; 
Allergic reactions- reactions, such as blistering, blotchiness, or burning of the skin can occur if your skin is not suitable for certain types of dye. This can easily be avoided if the salon carries out a patch test, often on your hand, prior to applying any dye or colouring agent to the facial area; 
Scarring to the face, and keloid formation – this is severe scarring where the scar does not stop growing; 
Granulomas –a structure formed during inflammation. Granulomas form when the immune system attempts to wall off foreign substances that enter the body; 
Tenderness, swelling, rashes and bumps where it has been applied; 
Misapplication of the pigmentation which leaves permanent, visible markings. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading personal injury solicitors in Preston accept all beauty negligence claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
Our team put your first, and work with care to achieve your financial compensation. Call us today on a free, no-obligation basis at: 01772 783314 
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What should you do if you have suffered from semi-permanent makeup injuries? 

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of a beautician’s negligence during your semi-permanent makeup application, then MG Legal’s expert beauty negligence solicitors advise you to follow these steps: 
1. Take photographic or video footage of your injuries; 
2. Consult your GP or hospital for treatment and advice on how to care for your  
3. Contact the beauty salon, or independent beautician that carried out your semi-permanent makeup procedure. Send them the images of your injury, and tell them when you suffered the personal injury, or noticed the injury; 
4. Keep a diary of the progress of your injuries, by taking daily photos or videos; 
5. Make sure that you are following the advice given by your GP or hospital so that your semi-permanent makeup injuries get better as soon as possible; 
6. Contact MG Legal’s beauty salon claims solicitors. One of our friendly personal injury experts will advise how we can proceed with your compensation claim, on a no win no fee basis. 

How do I make a beauty negligence claim for my semi-permanent makeup injuries? 

When it comes to making a claim for financial compensation for your semi-permanent makeup injuries, the most important step is to find an expert beauty negligence solicitor to work with you on your claim. 
MG Legal’s team of beauty negligence solicitors specialising in semi-permanent makeup claims have been working in the personal injury field for over 30 years, and have successfully won significant financial compensation for thousands of clients just like you. 
For a full collection of beauty negligence claims that our team specialise in, see this here. Our solicitors have close working relationships with a huge range of medical experts, from dermatologists to cosmetic surgeons, all of which will be able to assess your injuries and create a full medical report in order to support your semi-permanent makeup injury claim. Contact us today, here, to discuss our team accepting your NO WIN NO FEE claim. 

Lip blushing treatment gone wrong- a case study with our semi-permanent makeup gone wrong solicitors: 

One of our clients recently got in touch with our beauty negligence solicitors after being injured in her semi-permanent lip lining treatment. After undergoing the semi-permanent lip-line tattoo by a beauty practitioner, she was shocked to see that the end result was far from expected. Instead of a naturally defined outline to her lip, she was left with a dark lining that stood out from her natural lip line, and was dark and painful. 
Lip blushing, and lip-line tattooing, are becoming very popular semi-permanent makeup treatments for people to achieve the plump and pink lip look without having to wear makeup products. If you have been injured in any way as a result of lip blushing treatment gone wrong, you could be eligible to make a claim for financial compensation with our no win no fee beauty negligence solicitors. 

How much is my semi-permanent makeup injury claim worth? 

As with all beauty negligence claims, the amount of financial compensation that your semi-permanent injury claim may be worth will vary depending on what injuries you have sustained, and how severe they are in nature. 
Without first speaking to you, it is impossible to estimate exactly how much compensation you will receive, if you suffer an injury as a result of having semi-permanent makeup applied, but our specialist beauty negligence solicitors can offer some guidance with reference to the Judicial College’s guidelines for the assessment of general damages in personal injury. 
When looking at these amounts, it is important to remember that these estimates cover the compensation available for the injury alone, and do not take into account any further payments for special damages, such as loss of earnings and care costs. 
Estimated compensation: 
Very severe scarring- where the claimant is fairly young (teens to early 30s) and the disfigurement and psychological impact is severe 
£27,940 to £91,350 
Less severe scarring- where the disfigurement is still substantial and the psychological response significant 
£16,860 to £45,440 
Significant scarring- where some cosmetic disability is present, and the psychological impact limited or has diminished 
£8,550 to £28,240 
Less significant scarring- where the scar or scars can be mainly camouflaged and the scars do not markedly affect the appearance of the claimant 
£3,710 to £12,900 
Trivial scarring- where the effect is minor in nature and appearence  
£1,600 to £3,310 

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