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Online conveyancing solicitors. 

In recent years, we have seen much of what we do in day to day life become possible online, and able to be done remotely. The services of conveyancing solicitors is no exception, and our expert conveyancing solicitors are now fully-equipped and experienced in working with clients entirely remotely, handling their property and conveyancing matters without meeting them in person. 
Working with your conveyancing solicitors online allows you to navigate through the process without it disrupting your busy schedule, allowing your property move to fit in around your daily life. Read on to learn more about our online conveyancing solicitors services. 
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MG Legal's leading property solicitors offer fixed fees on all property conveyancing matters. 

Can conveyancing be done online? 

The short answer to this question is yes. Due to our new-learnt working structures, our conveyancing solicitors in Preston are now able to work in a way where the entire conveyancing process is done online, and our clients never have to take time out of their busy day to travel into our offices or to meet with their conveyancing solicitor. 
From instructing our conveyancing solicitors online, to conducting property searches, and dealing with the exchange of contracts, our online conveyancing solicitors are well equipped to carry out everything while regularly communicating with you via email, over the phone, or via video call, if this works best for you. 

What is online conveyancing? 

While it may seem daunting at first, online conveyancing solicitors work in exactly the same way as traditional conveyancing, and the standard of service that you receive from our online conveyancing solicitors in Preston is just as impressive as that received by our clients who visit us in our offices. 
Our online conveyancing solicitors help our remote clients with all of the legal aspects, paperwork, and searches involved in the buying and selling of a property, just as we would with our traditional clients in-person. The only difference is that these meetings and correspondence can be done in a way that suits you, and at a time that suits you, rather than you have to arrange a formal meeting in our offices and travel down to meet us. 

Can you trust online conveyancing solicitors? 

It is no secret that everything from grocery shopping to divorce settlements are now being done online, and that people have reservations when it comes to paying for a professional service without seeing somebody in person, and a physical office. 
There is also a common misconception that it is easier for fraud and issues with the signing of documents to occur when working with an online conveyancing solicitor, but this is not the case. 
While all correspondence with your designated conveyancing solicitor will be done online, the signing of official documents, such as the contract pack, needs to be done physically. However, in order to accommodate for our clients and allow this to be done without them having to inconvenience their day, our online conveyancing solicitors are happy to send these documents by post, or over email, to be signed by the client and simply sent back through to us. 

Are online conveyancing solicitors safe? 

Another common concern from clients is that online conveyancing solicitors are not legit, and not as trustworthy as an in-person conveyancing service. However, when it comes to MG Legal, our clients do not need to have this worry. 
We are a fully-operating solicitors chain, with offices located across the Lancashire area where we meet with our clients every day. Therefore, while some of our clients may choose to work with our conveyancing solicitors online, they can rest assures that they are working with a fully qualified conveyancing solicitor from a high-street office, and that they always have to option to come and visit them in person if they decide that the online conveyancing process is not for them. 
We also boast impressive reviews, a collection of which can be seen here. 
Our team of conveyancing solicitors try to be as flexible as possible with all of our clients, and are happy to offer home visits or meet at a convenient location with clients where necessary, if they do decide that they would rather speak to their conveyancing solicitor in person. 

Online conveyancing solicitors in Preston: 

Because of this way of working, our online conveyancing solicitors in Preston have been able to work with clients from across England and Wales who have heard of our expert conveyancing services, but would otherwise not be able to travel into our offices to work with our conveyancing solicitors in Preston. 
We have successfully worked for happy clients selling property as far as London and South Wales, and were able to keep the entire process stress-free for them by keeping in regular telephone and email contact throughout the conveyancing process. 
However, our online conveyancing solicitors in Preston have also worked with clients from around the local area who have busy schedules, and prefer to operate in a remote way rather than travelling into our offices to meet with their designated conveyancing solicitor. Our online conveyancing solicitors services have therefore helped clients far and wide, and continue to accommodate to clients’ individual needs and lifestyles. 

Fixed-fee online conveyancing solicitors: 

When you work with our conveyancing solicitors online, you do not need to worry about any hidden costs, or extra fees that might crop up throughout the process. This is because our online conveyancing solicitors offer all of our services at a clear, fixed-fee rate, which is outlined on our website here. 
Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to sell your property, or buying your dream home, you can work with MG Legal’s online conveyancing solicitors to rest assured that you will receive top-quality service for a reasonable, fixed-fee price. 

Contact our online conveyancing solicitors: 

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by our online conveyancing solicitors, or how we can help with your conveyancing needs, simply contact us online, here, by phone, or email us at , and you will hear back from a conveyancing expert within one working hour. 
Our property solicitors understand that buying a new house or property is an extremely exciting time, but can also become overwhelming. Whether you're a first-time buyer, or purchasing a second holiday home, keep the buying process hassle-free, and leave the conveyancing to our conveyancing experts, who will guide you through the process in a no-nonsense way.  MG Legal allow you to focus on the excitement of purchasing your new home, with the help of our friendly team who work with you, not just for you. 

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