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No Win No Fee Motorbike accident claims. 

Like cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, motorcycle riders are classes as vulnerable road users, and therefore it’s no surprise that each year, many thousands of motorcyclists suffer personal injury every year as a result of the negligence of other road users.  
Many motorcyclists are injured by cars, vans, and heavy goods vehicles, or even as a result of potholes, and uneven road surfaces, on a road, motorway or carriageway, including oil and other substances on the road. Being vulnerable road users, when a motorcyclist is injured in a road traffic accident, the injuries can range from whiplash injuries, and road rash, to serious injuries to the arms, injuries to the legs, back or spinal injuries, and, unfortunately, on occasion head and brain injuries, that can dramatically affect the rider's quality of life. 
Any road traffic accident can change your life; even if just for a few weeks, or months, so it's of the utmost importanct that when you instruct your local motorbike accident solicitor, that you choose right, first time.  
Our personal injury team is committed to making sure bikers get a fair deal if they’re hurt on the roads. We’ll help you to access financial support that gets you back on your feet and back on the bike after an accident, or secure high levels of motorcycle accident compensation to support you and your family if your injuries are more severe and you need extra help. 
If you have had a motorcycle accident, and it wasn't your fault, then you are able to make a claim for personal injury compensation from the insurers of the vehicle at fault. MG Legal’s expert motorbike accident solicitors handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis, with no financial risk to you. 
Unlike other No Win No Fee solicitors, MG Legal’s motorbike accident solicitors only act for one side in all the injury claims we take on – we only ever represent the injured people. 
When you instruct MG Legal’s motorbike accident solicitors, you can rest assured that we do not work with referral companies, or have any referral arrangements with insurance companies- we feel that the best way to look after our injured clients is to be completely independent. This serves our clients well, and when you instruct MG Legal as your motorbike accident solicitors, our clients usually receive more compensation than using a conveyor belt type solicitor, passed your details from your insurer. 

 MG Legal’s expert personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99%, and settle many thousands of personal injury claims every year. Click below to learn more about our team, and why they are the right solicitors for you.  


What are the most common ways motorcyclists are injured? 

Car doors opening into your path, other road users failing to indicate, spillages and debris on the road, or even a terribly uneven road surface- the ways in which 'bikers are injured as a result of other parties, often feels endless. It's a sad fact that motorcyclists make up just 1% of the number of road users, yet they account for a staggering 19% of all fatalities on UK roads.  
If you are a motorbike rider, or pillion passenger, injured in a road traffic accident, and you instruct MG Legal to handle your claim for personal injury, our team of motorcycle accident personal injury solicitors are sympathetic and approachable, and have won millions of pounds in personal injury compensation for clients injured whilst riding a motorcycle, or as pillion passenger, since we opended, in 2010. 
Due to the often serious nature of the injuries that bikers sustain, experience when dealing with motorcycle accidents is key. Oscar Wilde once famoulsy said, 'Experience is one thing, you can't get for nothing'. He was of course right, to a degree. When you instruct MG Legal's expert road traffic accident solicitors, our experience will shine through, and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure you receive the injury compensation you rightly deserve. All motorcycle accident claims are of course accepted, subject to a No Win No Fee basis. 
Our experts have accepted instruction, and won compensation for motorcyclists all over the country. The most common way in which motorcyclists, and their passengers, are injured are: 

Have you been injured in the last three years? 

Get in touch today to start your claim for personal injury compensation 
MG Legal accept all Personal Injury Compensation claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis and have a success rate of over 99% 

Can I make a claim for motorcycle accident compensation if I was partly at fault? 

Yes, you can still make a claim for an incident where you were partly to blame because this means that another party was also partly to blame. If this situation, your motorcycle accident personal injury compensation claim would most likely be settled on what is known as a “split liability” or “contributory negligence” basis which means that the total value of your injuries and losses would be assessed just with any normal claim and then a percentage would be deducted to account for your apportionment of blame or fault. 
Most split liability or contributory negligence cases are open to negotiation and so, whilst it might not always be possible to obtain a full non-fault outcome, MG Legal are highly experienced in obtaining the best possible settlement and minimising any contributory negligence and we will do our best to ensure you receive the maximum possible award for your injuries. 

How long does a motorcycle road traffic accident injury take to settle? 

Every personal injury claim is different, and the length of time to settlement, depends upon the injuries sustained, and if the third party admits liability for the road traffic accident. Unfortunately, injuries sustained to motorcyclists and their passengers in motorcycle road traffic accidents, are usually more serious, and range from, at the very least road burns, cuts, and scars, to more serious , often life-changing injuries to the upper body, neck, spine and broken legs and ankles. 

Will I receive payment for my motorcycle after a motorcycle road traffic accident? 

If the accident causing personal injury to yourself, and damage to your motorcycle was not your fault, then our personal injury solicitors would instruct a fully qualified, and court approved engineers to assess the damage to your motorcycle, and ensure that you receive the repair costs the damage sustained or, if an insurance write off, the market value of your motorcycle, allowing you to replace the same, on a like for like basis. 

How long do I have to make a claim if I was injured in a motorcycle road traffic accident? 

Usually anyone who has sustained any form of personal injury, has 3 years from the date of the accident within which to pursue a claim. After this time, subject to the Limitation Act 1980, in most cases, if you have not made a claim for personal injury compensation within that time, then your claim will be statute barred. There are, of course exceptions. Minors, meaning children under the age of 18, have 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday. Time limits may differ if you are acting on behalf of someone with limited mental capacity, if you are acting as guardian or subject a lasting power of attorney. If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact one of MG Legal’s personal injury experts, here… 
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