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After being forced to perform her own DIY dentistry, Lucy Bodycote has been awarded £15,500 in a legal settlement with her dental practice which disputes her account. 
Lucy claims she saw nine different dentists at The Avenue Dental Practice in Enderby over a period of several years. She says she had a number of problems with them prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
She reports she had to drain pus from a lump on her gum after her face swelled up during lockdown.  
She said: "At the start of March 2020 I was experiencing problems with an infected tooth, as pus was leaking from it, and the left side of my face started to swell up." 
"I was prescribed antibiotics but as we were about to go into lockdown I couldn't get an appointment at my dentist and I was told the only way to be seen was going to A&E. The hospital was the last place I wanted to be with Covid so rife at the time, so I was left having to drain the lump on my gum every day which was really unpleasant." 
Lucy states that her issues started years ago when she began visiting the surgery in 2004. She had numerous appointments with the dentists there, who preformed several fillings over the years. 
When she began to experience pain in one of her teeth she was given antibiotics. However, these did not seem to relieve her pain, so she requested that the tooth be extracted. 
She said: “I was in so much pain and after multiple emergency visits and rounds of antibiotics my tooth pain still prevailed." 
"Eventually I told the clinic I could not take it any longer and needed the tooth out. I had to beg for them to take my tooth out as I felt that was the only option," 
"I had anaesthetic injections for the procedure, however, I could still feel everything. I was informed that I couldn’t have any more anaesthesia and remember leaving in floods of tears from the pain without so much as a follow-up call to check if I was okay.” 
Lucy then decided that it was time to pay the extra money and go private. She went to see the new dentist, and she claims that several problems she was unaware of were discovered. 
She said: “After I had my examination, it came to light that I had multiple rotting teeth, a capped tooth fitted incorrectly leaving a gap, and multiple other errors." 
Lucy then contacted a specialist medical negligence solicitor. They said analysis of her dental records showed that if her dentists in Enderby had used reasonable care and skill, she would not have experienced untreated decay in five different teeth, have had to have multiple root fillings and experience the loss of several teeth. 
Lucy's legal action against The Avenue was settled but The Avenue did not admit liability. 

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Statement from Dr Ismail Bhyat 

The practice principal at The Avenue, Dr Ismail Bhyat, said: “While we do not accept the accuracy of the facts portrayed, we are limited in what we can say because of patient confidentiality. However, we are pleased the matter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion and that all parties can now move on.” 

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