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Everything you need to know about using a specialist divorce solicitor, and why it's definitely worth it. 
If you’re looking to begin divorce proceedings, and pondering over whether or not you should seek the assistance of a specialist divorce solicitor for your divorce, MG Legal are here to help, and answer all of your potential questions.. 

Prevent mistakes being made in the divorce petition: 

When the initial divorce petition is being made, many people underestimate just how many things can go wrong in the process. The most important aspect of the divorce petition is ensuring that you select the correct ‘grounds for divorce’. 
In England and Wales, there are currently 5 valid grounds that can be given for a divorce, which can be seen outlined here. It is important that you select the correct one to rely on for the rest of the process, as if the subsequent evidence in the divorce proceedings do not match up to the grounds you initially gave, you could face serious delays and even have to fork out more money. 
On top of this, there is also the simple fact that the divorce petition is 15 pages long, and can take a huge amount of time. This reason alone is enough for a lot of people to make the decision to entrust the help of a divorce solicitor to fill out the petition perfectly. 

Ensure that you receive a unique, tailored service: 

When you do work with a good divorce solicitor such as MG Legal, you can rest assured that you are received a tailored legal service, catered specifically to your needs, and to ensure that your divorce proceedings accurately represent your situation. 
This may seem like an obvious clarification to make, but when ‘quickie divorces’ are attempted online, there is a huge risk of the service that you are receiving being poor, and your divorce petition and documents being done in an equally poor way, and to a low standard. 
One obvious example of this came recently when a court was forced to dismiss 28 divorce petitions that were worded identically, and had been carried out by a website offering cheap, online divorces. 
This clearly highlights the risks involved with going ahead with your divorce proceedings without seeking the expert legal advice and assistance of a specialist divorce solicitor, who will work with you to draft all documents, and ensure that they accurately represent your feelings and experience. 

Properly assess the financial aspect of the divorce and consider the long-term impact of different options: 

Another problem that can commonly occur when people attempt to complete their divorce without the assistance of a specialist divorce solicitor, is that they fail to properly assess and deal with the financial aspect of the divorce. 
In many cases people can obtain the decree absolute for their divorce without using a divorce solicitor, but come to find that the divorce settlement does not properly take into account the financial implications of the divorce, such as pensions or inheritance. 
Many people focus only on the assets that they have readily in front of them, and are generally unaware of the value of all the assets, such as pensions. When this happens, it can leave people in financial long-term hardship, and can see them begin to struggle financially when they reach retirement age and into older age. 
When you work with a specialist divorce solicitor, you will receive bespoke financial advice on the assets included in your divorce, and what the long-term impact of ignoring certain assets maybe. 

Ensure that the financial order is valid: 

Another common problem that our divorce solicitors are aware of, is that people attempting DIY divorces may think that they have considered the financial aspect of the divorce, but later down the line come to see that their financial order is actually invalid due to incorrect wording or another problem. 
If this is the case, and the financial order is invalid, then you may be in a vulnerable position and not be entitled to the assets that you were expecting as a part of the divorce. This can be extremely worrying, and have awful impact on those who suffer as a result. 
The best way to ensure that your divorce, and financial order, are fully valid, and prevent running into future problems when you attempt to use them, is to work with a specialist divorce solicitor to draft the documents and ensure that the wording and language of them are correct. 
Our specialist divorce solicitors work on financial settlements just like yours every day, and know how to prevent spouses from hiding assets, or craftily wording the documents to seek a better financial outcome for themselves. 

Speak to our specialist divorce solicitors today

If you are looking for legal assistance with your divorce, and would like the help of a specialist divorce solicitor with over 18 years’ of experience, then do not hesitate to get in touch with MG legal today and our divorce solicitors will advise how we can help. 
Our team offer fixed fee rates on all of our divorce services, and will go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome in your divorce. Simply contact us online here, and hear back from a divorce solicitor within one working hour. 
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