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At one time in your life, you will probably either need to request planning permission, or you will be asking if the seller of your new property obtained it. But, a recent case has left us asking whether that’s enough – do you just need to be asking whether it was obtained, or should you be asking whether it was adhered to? 
For one group of million-pound-property-owners, their dream house dreams are close to being shattered, as their recent planning permission proposal has been turned down, not for the first time! 

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Originally purchased from Sparkle Developments, the original planning permission allegedly set out that the five luxury properties would be closer together, as well as smaller and slightly shorter in height. However once built, one property was over 35 square foot too large, as well as more than one of the properties being over 0.1m too tall. This may not seem like a big deal, right? (just knock a few inches off the ceiling, the not-in-the-know layman may suggest!). 
However, for the local council’s planning committee, Bolton, in Lancashire, near to the offices of our team of property solicitors in Preston, the change of design from the original proposal meant that the houses did not fit-in with the local area and aesthetic, and therefore the developer had to apply for retrospective planning consent. This was not the end for Sparkle Development, though, and their planning application was rejected – leaving the purchasers of the properties in limbo. 
Now, over two years later, the developer and property owners still have no closure on the application, and, are awaiting a three-day hearing in November 2019 to find out the fate of their dream home. 
So, how does this affect you, you may be asking. Well, first of all, when you’re purchasing a property, our team of property solicitors in Preston will check all of the planning permissions registered against your property, and even check for those that perhaps have slipped under the radar, so you don’t get caught unawares by a lack of planning permission. 
Secondly, you may want to think twice before ‘just carrying out the work’ without applying for planning permission. The fee to apply for retrospective planning permission can be quite pricy, depending on your local council, and can depend on the size of your property and the amendments made. On top of a potentially hefty fee, you may find that the sale of your property by your property solicitors in Preston is delayed significantly if there’s no planning permission in place! And, trust us, not many people like it when their sale is delayed! 
The other type of permission to keep an eye out for, is building regulations approval. Normally required if you are constructing or changing buildings in a certain way, you must use the services of a building or company who have the relevant competencies for the work being carried out. The building can normally show this by providing certificates, or their registration number to a scheme. A common building regulation that is often asked for by your property solicitors in Preston when you sell your property will be FENSA Certificates for any windows and doors that have been replaced since 2002. 
So, if you’re selling or buying a property, our team of property solicitors in Preston offers fixed-fees and no hidden costs, and home visits are available by appointment. 
We like to think that we’re approachable and friendly, yet professional – and our clients agree! You can read our 5-star reviews online, or contact our offices to find out more about the team. We’ll give you a tip though – try and catch the team after their 8:30am coffee as they’re not always very chatty until then! 
You can also email the team of property solicitors in Preston at or call our Preston office on 01772 783314. 
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