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Our team of property solicitors in Preston understand that moving house is very stressful. One part of the big-move which our clients report to be the worst part, is the actual move; packing up a whole house or flat, and trying to decide how far in advance to pack, can be difficult. 
First things first, our team would explain that moving day is not set until contracts have been exchanged (unless you’re buying a new build, in which case, even then it may not be set for some time). Therefore, you don’t want to put your house on the market, start packing, and end up with boxes sat around your house (and all your good cutlery packed up!) for months until it sells. 
As many of our property clients who are selling their houses will know, it can take some time to receive an acceptable offer on your property but, once you do, the next stage of the process can start: our legal work as your chosen property solicitors in Preston
At this stage you may want to start thinking about what you want to take with you, and whether there is anything you want to get rid of: whether you donate it to charity, have a car boot sale, or simply take it to your local recycling centre, most of us love a good de-clutter! 
Our team of property solicitors will start the legal side of your sale by writing to your buyer’s solicitors with a package of paperwork and documents relating to your property (also known as a contract pack). This includes information about the ‘title’ of your property (i.e. the legal ownership) as well as additional documents. 
Your buyer may now decide to have a survey carried out, and they may instruct their solicitors to commence searches. Their solicitors will need to consider the contract pack and investigate the title. Your property solicitors may now receive some questions about your property, which they might need more information about before they can respond on your behalf. 
Once the buyer and their solicitors are satisfied with the title, and they have no further questions, they will usually contact the seller’s solicitors (i.e. our team of property solicitors in Preston) to try and agree a date for ‘completion’ (the agreed upon date of moving). 
Now it’s over to you: if you’re in agreement with the date, and the buyer’s solicitors are ready to formally agree matters, both sides can exchange contracts, setting the moving date in stone. 
Sometimes there is a gap between exchange and completion, for example 2 weeks, and in other cases, there is less time. As the date has now been set, you can start to pack up your stuff. 
Whilst we’re experts in the legal process of buying and selling, our team are no experts in packing: whether you think it’s best to start in your bedroom and work your way downstairs, or start in your garden and work upwards, it’s entirely up to you! 

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Our team will be on hand to guide you through the process of selling your house every step of the way, but, take our advice, don’t ask either Chloe or Sarah for packing tips – they’re terrible! 
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