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It’s the nightmare scenario, you save your money hoping to get the appearance you’ve been dreaming of, choose your Specialist or Cosmetic Surgeon and go in for the big day – but somehow the operation for the breast implants you chose, doesn’t end like you wanted. 
Whether an error on the day, or a problem with the procedure or any implants later down the line, it is an unfortunate fact of life that Cosmetic Surgery does go wrong, and medical negligence, is often synonymous with certain surgical procedures. Whilst our expert team cannot profess to be surgeons, we are personal injury compensation solicitors, and Cosmetic Surgery Solicitor in Lancaster, and can help put right what went wrong and help you get the outcome you want. 

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What is Cosmetic Surgery? 
Nowadays, Cosmetic Surgery is a much wider term than it was a couple of decades ago when you could count the available options on one hand. Now, a wide range of practitioners with qualifications ranging from full Medical degrees to a couple of months at the local college (and sometimes nothing at all) can offer Beauty Treatments. Whilst some of these treatments will not strictly be called Cosmetic Surgery, they can still be fairly invasive and would be procedures that you would, not long ago, have only seen a doctor perform. As well as Cosmetic Surgeons, people who perform some of these procedures call themselves Beauticians, Cosmeticians, Beauty Therapists and Aesthetic Therapists to name a few of the more common ones. 
So, whether Rhinoplasty, Breast Implants or Liposuction to Thread Vein Removal, Electrolysis or Eyebrow Tinting, you are being subject to a medical procedure of some degree, however, much of it outside the recognised invasive Cosmetic Surgical Procedures, is unlicensed or unregulated currently and so there is not the same level of expertise in this field below the ‘top level’ as there might be in others. 
When is my Cosmetic Surgery negligent? 
No matter their qualifications, there is no excuse for negligence and you are entitled to take issue with your practitioner if this occurs. There is a line between poor quality service and negligence, however, you can usually tell the difference by whether it can be rectified with an enquiry or a complaint or if it needs further medical treatment to rectify or cure the problem. If in doubt, seek the advice of an expert Solicitor like MG Legal, your Cosmetic Surgery Solicitor in Lancaster and we will look into your case free of charge. 
If we believe there has been an act of negligence, we will accept your case on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to ensure that we can get to work straight away on your behalf. 
What can MG Legal do for me? 
As with every client our aim is to get your claim to a successful conclusion as soon as possible. What this entails can be different from one case to the next but in general it will involve obtaining a sum of money as compensation for the negligent surgery or future rectification procedures as well as any additional expenses including the cost of future treatment, lost earnings, care costs or other out-of-pocket expenses. 
We aim to do all of this as quickly as possible within the legal protocols, whilst ensuring our clients are fully aware of the progress of their claim and they are comfortable that we are doing our very best for them. 
Is there a time limit for me to make a claim for negligent Cosmetic Surgery? 
Yes, there is a time limit, which is three years from the date that you become aware of the negligence. So, if your surgery has obviously gone wrong immediately, or if you suffer an allergic reaction to a chemical then your three-year period starts straight away. 
However, if you are not immediately aware something has gone wrong, or if it takes some time for the problem to become apparent, your three-year period does not start until you are aware of the problem. A common example of this delay in a date of knowledge can be when a defective breast implant is inserted, all appears well to begin with and the product is not recalled or identified until some years later. 
However, we do not recommend that you delay in seeking legal advice as many Cosmetic Surgery procedures are carried out by either sole traders or Limited companies, both of which can be very difficult to trace if they move premises or change name and in the case of Limited companies, if they dissolve, there can often be no way to identify their insurer. We strongly advise that you contact MG Legal, your Cosmetic Surgery Solicitor in Lancaster straight away so that we can identify and pursue the negligent party straight away. 
How do I instruct MG Legal? 
Get in touch with MG Legal, your Cosmetic Surgery Solicitor in Lancaster, by phone, email, web-contact form or at one of our offices in Lancaster, Garstang or Longridge and we will put you in touch with the right member of the team to get your claim up and running the same day. 
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