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With air pollution on the rise, and as one of our main public health threats, government ministers have made attempts to alleviate this issue. Air pollution has been linked to many health issues, which can stretch as far as dementia.  
Your solicitors in Preston have, therefore, begun to question what may be done to reduce this risk. 
There have been recent government plans which have aimed to tackle toxic air pollution. The proposals have been designed to clamp down on wood-burning stoves and pollution from farms, to reduce the amount of harmful gases being released, such as ammonia gas. The plans place targets that are to provide new powers for local government, and introduce an environment Bill to include new primary legislation on air quality, as stipulated by Mr Michael Gove, Environment Secretary. These plans have, however, been criticised and described as a missed opportunity to look more specifically at pollution which arises as a result of car emissions. 
For your conveyancing solicitors Preston, this is an issue which is stumbled upon on a daily basis. When instructing your solicitors in Preston to act on your behalf in the purchase of a new property, you will also instruct your Preston solicitors to conduct searches on the property. These searches include an environmental, local authority, water and drainage, and coal and mining searches. For your solicitors in Preston, the local authority search results are of particular interest here. 
Within the local authority search, your conveyancing solicitors Preston will review the information enclosed, paying particular attention to the Register of Local Land Charges. Within this Register, your conveyancing solicitors Preston will be able to note whether the property is affected by a Smoke Control Order. If in force, the Register will show the Order itself, the date and the area that is covered by the same. 
If a property is in an area affected by a Smoke Control Order, your property solicitors Preston will advise that only smokeless fuels should be used. Smoke control orders are in place in attempt to reduce air pollution and mean that smoke cannot be emitted from a chimney unless authorised fuel is being burnt for the use of exempt appliances, such as burners or stoves. The Smoke Control Order is registered as a Local Land Charge on the property and must be adhered to - non-compliance can result in you being fined. 
Smoke Control Orders are just one way in which air pollution is being aided, however, with levels on the rise, does more need to be done? 
For more information, and any conveyancing queries you have, contact MG Legal, your Property solicitors Preston today, on 01995 602 129, and our solicitors in Preston will be delighted to assist you. 
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