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Let’s say for arguments sake you’ve spent 7 years with your other half, that’s countless nights of listening to them snore and God knows what else (get the window open), or fighting over the duvet. You’ve argued about which Netflix series to watch, in fact I can whole heartily guarantee that one of you has committed the ultimate betrayal and watched the next episode behind your partner’s back (you Villain!!). 
A small house with a door, and two windows to the right of the door,with an arrow drawn to a couple of boxes on a moving trolley, with an arrow drawn to a moving van, with an arrow drawn to a new house with a window followed by a door and another window, all drawn onto a black wall with blue chalk.
You’ve shared every aspect of your life and, on the odd occasion, you’ve accidentally shared your toothbrush. In every way you’ve been living in matrimonial bliss, except you’re not married - not in the eyes of the law. It was never something you got round to, never something you wanted and a waste of money (money you could be spending on a massive shopping spree, think of all the shoes you could buy instead #fashionbeforepassion). 
You’re in a ‘common law marriage’; you believe that if you ever split then, much like with a legal marriage or a civil partnership you would be entitled to a percentage of the assets, and covered by the same laws. But sadly this is not the case. It’s a myth that common law marriages or cohabitation are protected by the same rights as marriages and civil partnerships. Except in the case of children, where rightly so their rights are put above those of their parents, but other than this you could see yourself losing out on what you may be owed. 
MG Legal advise many clients as Family solicitors and Conveyancing Solicitors, and we believe that you should get out what you put into a relationship. We advise, as Family Solicitors, that the Courts will take a much more business-like approach to the division of the assets - each issue is dealt with on an issue- by- issue basis. 
Let’s say for instance when you met your partner they owned their own home; it was basic, bland, a proper singleton’s pad with nothing in the fridge but beer and a week-old takeaway they picked up after a night out with Mick from work (what a legend Mick is). There’s dirty socks thrown at the laundry basket, but not actually in the basket. There’s no toilet paper and the only cleaning product is one their mam bought when they purchased the house (unopened, of course). 
Fast forwards a couple of months (I mean with that charm of yours it was only going take a few weeks) and they’ve asked you to move in with them. You’ve blitzed the house, done countless trips to Ikea, fought off the bargain hunters in Dunelm Mill to source the desired mirror, and completely transformed their house into both of your dream home. Essentially, you’ve helped improve the home in the event of a potential sale. 
But what happens when things turn sour? When the honeymoon stage is over, and the 7-year itch has kicked in and things don’t work out? Surely you should get something out of it since you’ve clearly put a lot into transforming the home.  
Here at MG Legal, your local Family Solicitors advise clients on a daily basis of their rights and what they could possibly gain, so why not give us a call on 01524 581 306 to seek advice and find out your legal rights. 
I mean, what’s the alternative? Getting wine drunk with your mate Karen and going back on the prowl… 
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