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Following on from our previous blog on the circumstances during which you should re-visit your Will, which you can read here, MG Legal’s local solicitors for Wills are here to present you with some shocking statistics. 
In a survey carried out by Macmillan Cancer Support of 2,000 people, 42% of over-55s had no Will in place what-so-ever. Now, when MG Legal are offering Wills from as low as £50.00 plus VAT, how can you not make sure your Will is another thing checked off your list?! 
Another rather large statistic presented by Macmillan is that an estimated 1.5 million people have married since making their Will, and are not aware that this automatically revokes their previous provisions. Whilst we’re not saying that this facet of information is common knowledge, it is an important fact that we think as many people as possible should be aware of. After all, the only way to properly provide for your loved ones following your death is to ensure that you have a comprehensive Will in place. 
At MG Legal, we understand that many people do not want to think about what would happen if they were no longer around. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that everyone will die at some time and, given this, it’s better to be prepared and ensure your loved ones are cared for than to potentially leave them with a financial strain or uncertainty. 
In fact, to go one step further, official government guidance (which you can find here) suggest that you should review your Will every 5 years and following any major life-changing event (a few examples of which can be found on local solicitors for Will’s blog here). 
So, if you think it is time to review your Will (or if you’ve never even thought about it before, make your first Will), give us a call on 01772 783 314, or email enquiries@mglegal.co.uk
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