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As Japanese Knotweed continues to strike in taking over our precious gardens and soils, Environet – Japanese Knotweed removal experts have created Exposed, the next step in tackling the weed and its notorious effects. 
For more information on what Japanese Knotweed is and how it may affect you, see our blog Japanese Knotweed: A Simple Yes/No?, by following this link. 
As you may know, Japanese Knotweed is a form of natural hazard which grows at rapid speeds and can cause serious damage if gone unnoticed. This makes it an important factor for consideration by our solicitors in Lancaster when buying and selling property
The new scheme, introduced by Nic Seal – founder of Environet, allows you to enter a postcode for a particular locality and will produce an interactive heat map of the site. The map will show areas which are affected by the weed and will be scaled via red and yellow colourings, to reflect the severity of the same. 
The scheme has been put in place to help assess the potential risks of Japanese Knotweed. It is to be extremely useful for our solicitors in Lancaster, in best advising potential buyers of land and property. If, for example, our conveyancers found there to be a high risk in an area which you are buying in, this may prompt further investigation and may even affect whether you proceed with purchasing. It is, therefore, the next step in helping tackling the weed and its troublesome effects. 
Follow the link and see for yourself - You may be surprised! 
At MG Legal, our solicitors in Lancaster can use this tool to ensure, when purchasing a property, you are fully informed of any potential risks that may come with it, including potential Japanese Knotweed. When selling a property, you are also asked as to whether you are aware of any Japanese Knotweed affecting the property. This will, therefore, help in responding to such points and providing accurate answers to avoid any issues further down the line. 
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