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Personal Injury claims involving e-scooters are rapidly increasing. Our expert personal injury solicitors weigh in on the legal standpoint of the scooters. 
There have been numerous news stories regarding the UK roll-out of e-scooters on UK roads in recent weeks. This comes as a boom in electric scooter sales have been seen in the country, and also comes alongside around 50 schemes in towns and cities, backed by the government, that see rented scooter available for hire to be driven in roads and cycle lanes. 
The scooters are a favourite of city-centre commuters who wish to avoid the rush-hour traffic, without having to exert the physical activity of riding a standard bicycle or take a change of clothes into the office. However, with this spike in usage on busy city streets, comes worries in the legal world about the standpoint of their usage, and what rules apply to them. With some scooters reaching speeds of around 30mph, The Metropolitan Police have reported having to stop around 10 e-scooter users each week on UK roads. 

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What kind of e-scooters are currently on the road? 

As of regulations set up in summer 2020, there are six London boroughs set to trial hire schemes for e-scooters over the next twelve months, and there are set to be more boroughs included in the scheme in the near future. Due to the e-scooters being so new, there is no data available for officials to compare the safety of them, and how they function on the roads, to other existing modes of transports. 
As per existing legislation for the scheme as it was set up, it is still illegal for privately owned e-scooters to be driven on public highways. Still, with some manufacturers reporting sale increases of over 400% in the last year, it is clear that a growing number of people are investing in their own scooters to get around, and these people want to make the most of their new purchases. People seen to be breaking this rule can be fined £300, but it is thought there are a large number that do so and go unnoticed by officials. 

What rules are in place for the rented e-scooters? 

In terms of the e-scooters that are allowed to be on the road, and are available to be rented for use by the public, there are a number of rules in place to ensure that they are used safely. 
In order to adhere to these rules, riders must:- 
Be aged 16 or over 
Not use a mobile phone while on the scooters 
Hold a valid UK driving license 
Adhere to regular rules of careless driving 
Stay at speeds under 12.5mph 
Not carry more than one person 

Is there any kind of insurance available for e-scooters? 

As the popularity of the scooters continues to rise, so too are calls for a standardised insurance regime to apply to these kinds of vehicles. This does not currently exist. Our experts personal injury solicitors here at MG Legal would predict that these e-scooters could fall under the umbrella of vulnerable road users. This group, which includes motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders, are thought the be those most vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries as a result of any road traffic accidents. 
Because of this, vulnerable road users are treated differently than cars and other vehicles in the eyes of the law, and are able to be awarded with larger personal injury claims. This is part of the new whiplash reforms coming into action this month; see a full and comprehensive overview of the new reforms, here

How can MG Legal, local solicitors near me, help me with my Road Traffic Accident claims? 

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident of any kind, our expert personal injury solicitors near you are here to help. Just like VRU’s, e-scooter riders are in a unique position whereby they themselves have no insurance company through which to make a claim, this is where our leading solicitors come in. If you have been involved in an accident while riding an e-scooters on the roads, get in touch with our expert solicitors today to discuss your potential claim. 
Unlike many insurance-based Solicitors, who work on what the legal industry refers to as a “conveyor belt”, at MG Legal you will know the name of the specialist personal injury Solicitor in charge of your claim, and you will speak to only one or two people, who are actively involved in your claim. This way, our advice is tailored to you and your claim alone and you won’t get any generic responses or half-hearted representation. Because of this, you can rest assured that we will review your claim and your settlement in-depth, ensuring that when we tell you the offer on the table is the best one, it truly is the best offer you could receive. 
Our expert personal injury solicitors near you at MG Legal accept all of our claims on a No Win No Fee agreement, and our personal injury solicitors have a success rate in excess of 99% for all of the personal injury and medical negligence claims. Browse our website, read our reviews, and see our success. 

How can I contact MG Legal about my claim? 

You can contact our expert team online, here, or from 9am to 5pm in our Lancaster, Longridge, or Garstang offices for Preston and surrounding areas. 
If it’s outside of Office hours, contact our team via email to enquiries@mglegal.co.uk and a member of our expert team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry. 
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