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6000 UK residents currently await an organ donation, with 3 people per day dying before they are able to receive their life changing transplant. 
Recent studies show that 80% of UK residents support organ donation, however only 38% actually opt into the service. Although, in the event you haven’t made your options clear, the choice is left with your next of kin; this of course can be a difficult subject for them to deal with, and the thought of someone else having their loved ones organs an understandably upsetting prospect. This unfortunately means that they refuse the organ donation. 
Thankfully on 15 March 2019, Max and Keira’s Law was passed. 
Max and Keira’s Law, named in honour of a young heart donor and the recipient who’s live she saved, means that that all adults over the age of 18, that have lived in the UK for a least 12 months prior will automatically be placed on the organ donor register. Therefore reducing the organ donor waiting list and saving countless lives in the process. 
Exceptions to this list will of course be made, children under the age of 18 will not be included on the register, nor will any adults without the mental capacity to make decisions, this decision will be left to their next of kin. 
Although Max and Keira’s Law will not come into play until 2020, the Government is pushing a Public Awareness campaign to ensure that everyone is aware of how the new system works and their rights and how, should they wish to, they opt out. 
Although Max and Keira’s Law supports everyone decision to opt out it urges everyone to be someone’s superhero and save a life. 
As Private Client Solicitors, we would advise that were possible you talk about your wishes with your loved ones so they are prepared. Instructions as what to do with your body and organs can be left in your Will, Letter of Wishes, or a Living Will, something MG Legal, as your local Wills and Probate Solicitors, can assist with. 
MG Legal, your Local Wills and Probate Solicitors are always more than happy to assist in executing a Will supporting your decisions so why not give them a call on 01772 783314 or pop into one of our offices to book an appointment today. 
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