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As one of our up-and-coming Property solicitors, our trainee solicitor, Chloe Cardwell, always has a busy day to look forward to upon arriving at the office. She always ensures that she has had her dose of morning coffee and is ready for the day ahead. 
Whilst many may like to start the day with a morning run, our Chloe Cardwell gets her daily exercise with a trip to the post office to collect the post for that day, for our Garstang Office. Chloe then reviews the post with our Principal Solicitor, Mark Gregory, and each piece is directed to the appropriate department, to be scanned onto our system and actioned as soon as possible. This is a daily activity that Chloe and Mark carry out to, firstly, ensure that the post is directed to the correct department and dealt with accordingly, but also to provide Chloe with a rounded knowledge and understanding of what post we receive, and why. 
As a member of our conveyancing department, Chloe then meets with our Michael Glover (FCilex), and head of the property department, to review her tasks for that day. This usually involves discussing which files need actioning and how matters can be progressed, to meet the client’s demands. At this point, Chloe can raise any questions she has in relation to the same. This is an important part of the day for the conveyancing team as, not only are tasks discussed, but the files in general are, too. This means that there is more than one individual whom is able to provide updates on any particular file.  
At MG Legal we always ensure that we call clients back the very same day, in the unlikely event that we are unable to speak with them when they ‘phone, or pop into the office. 
Chloe then proceeds with her tasks for the day.  
No two days are the same for our trainees, which makes their role so interesting. Chloe typically begins with actioning the necessary files that require working on.  
This includes the following, for example: 
Making, and taking, phone calls from clients, estate agents, solicitors and mortgage brokers. 
Reporting to clients on searches and property titles. 
Reviewing documentation and raising enquiries thereon. 
Drafting Contract packs. 
Completing property registrations. 
We could sit and continue this list forever and a day, however, rest assured that Chloe always aims to ensure that all necessary files are actioned. Within the conveyancing world this can, however, be difficult at times as each transaction is unique and unexpected things can happen at any point, which can require urgent attention- (trust us when we say, it’s almost impossible to predict what can and will happen on a daily basis in the world of the property solicitor). Priding herself on her organisation and prioritisation skills, this never usually poses much issue to Chloe, who will ensure that all that needs doing is complete by time she leaves the office for the day, often well past 7pm. 
Any work Chloe completes is reviewed and discussed with Michael Glover to ensure that there are no errors. This also gives Chloe and Michael a chance to reflect on why the necessary action has been taken and what this means, thus helping Chloe’s understanding of the conveyancing process. Once all work has been checked, the same can be emailed and/or posted out to the relevant recipient. 
It does not, however, stop there for Chloe, as a keen member of the firm itself, who wants to help ensure the same is a continuing success, Chloe also has an interest in the marketing of our services. Alongside our marketing ‘gurus’ Hope Jordan and Mark Gregory, Chloe likes to help out in any way she can. This including comprising blogs on her ever-expanding legal knowledge, and delivering leaflets to potential new clients. 
This brings us to Chloe’s interests outside of work, once her legal brain has been switched off – if that is even possible. We have one word to say on the matter and that is food. We can guarantee that by 9:10am, Chloe will know what all members of her team have had for breakfast, what they have brought for lunch… and even what they plan on having for tea (or dinner, to our southern friends). 
Trainee solicitors are required to undertake a number of ‘seats’ within a solicitors practice in order that they have knowledge in different departments the firm deals with. At present, Chloe also has a hand in our personal injury department and has now widened her horizons with, not only her legal knowledge, but her requests on what staff members meal arrangements are: For reference, Michael Glover is the only person we have come across who puts burgers with carrot and swede (and he has this about 3 times a week). 
October is fast approaching and Chloe could not be more excited, after her six years of studying, to become a fully qualified solicitor. 
For assistance with a conveyancing, or personal injury, query, contact Chloe or any other member of our team today at
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