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From a very young age, my grandad always taught me that it was wrong to lie. Whether it’s a ‘little’ white lie, or an outright porker (as my grandad would say), a lie is a lie, and is therefore wrong. 
But, how often are we told white lies as we’ve grown up? (“Your fish has been released with its friends”, “Yes, your drawing of our family is brilliant and does not make me look at all like an alien” and perhaps the biggest ‘white lie’ of them all, “Santa Claus is going to be here soon and if you’re not asleep, he’ll know and won’t bring you any presents”). 
So, on that basis, how do you know when a ‘white lie’ becomes a big lie. Well, some would argue that the general consensus is that ‘white lies’ are told to be kind. For example, telling someone that you like the present they’ve bought you when, in fact, you hate it. Whereas, big lies are outright untruthful statements, that could, potentially, hurt someone. 

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In one recent case in Australia, a woman, Veronica Hilda Theriault, who faked her CV for the purpose of getting a job with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, has been imprisoned for just over two years, with a non-parole period (meaning that she can’t be released for at least a period of) one year. 
Pleasing guilty to charges of deception and dishonesty, the 46-year-old had fabricated her previous work experience on her CV, as well as providing contact details for a reference, who was in fact herself (and, unsurprisingly, she gave herself a glowing reference!). 
Some people might be sat thinking, ‘Oh, surely it’s not that bad’, but Mrs Theriault’s lies helped her to land a $270,000.00 per year (roughly £141,000.00 for most of our client’s benefit) job, which she was paid approximately $33,000.00 of before being caught-out. 
So, our team are left whether there is any real difference between ‘white lies’ and real lies. If a lie is intended to be for the benefit of someone else, is it more acceptable, or is it still just as severe? 
Well, our team of solicitors in Preston pride ourselves on being up-front and honest about our fees, so you don’t have to worry about being taken by surprise at the end of your matter. Our teams offer fixed-fees in most areas of law that we deal with, and we even offer “No Win, No Fee” Personal injury compensation claims, meaning that you don’t have to pay a penny! 
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