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When you’re buying a property, your solicitors in Preston would always recommend checking that your quote is a full break down of what fees you will have to pay. 
Our team of property solicitors in Preston are always up front about our fees, and any quote that our team gives, always included all of our fees. 
So, why do we mention hidden fees? Well, we’ve been informed by more than one of our clients recently of an ‘added fee’ being charged by their previous property solicitors, when they are selling their property: a mortgage redemption charge. Now, we’re not talking about fees charged by your mortgage company for redeeming your mortgage before the 30-year-term has come to an end (unfortunately, our expert team of property solicitors in Preston are unable to do anything about this what-so-ever!). We are, however, talking about a charge that some local solicitors in Longridge and solicitors in Garstang seem to be adding onto their client’s quotes – a fee for them to pay off their client’s mortgage. 
Now, we’re not saying that the solicitors can’t charge these fees, but MG Legal, your local property solicitors, don’t believe in ‘added extras’ – we quote our fixed fee, which is deductible from the proceeds of sale of your property, and don’t charge you anything other than what we originally quoted!  
We pride ourselves on our “No hidden fees” mantra – so, if you’re looking to purchase a property, contact our team of property solicitors in Longridge at or call 01772 783 314 for your fixed-fee, completely transparent quote. 
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