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With more torrential weather forecast across Britain for this winter, and current flooding and flood warnings in place, this topic has never been more relevant to house buyers. 
Recently, in Northern England, rail services have been disrupted due to a landslide caused by the rainfall and around 3,000 households were evacuated. 

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The Environment Agency estimate that 1 in 6 properties in England and Wales are at risk of flooding and it is difficult for buyers to determine whether the property they are looking at buying is at risk. A property does not need to be close to a river or on low-lying ground – believe it or not, even flats can be at risk. Surface water and overflowing sewers are ever-increasing causes. We all watched in horror when Whalley Bridge Dam was at risk of collapsing after 300 years. 
When you are buying your new home, we know that this is possibly your biggest purchase and want peace of mind that it is sufficiently protected. Aside from actual damage caused by flooding, it can be very difficult, or indeed impossible, to get sufficient insurance against flood damage in “high risk” areas. This can also reduce the future value of your property and can make obtaining a mortgage very difficult, let alone put off potential purchasers. 
To be sure your new home is not at risk, our experienced conveyancing team at MG Legal will check your Environmental Search to advise whether an additional Flood Risk search is needed and discuss the results with you, so you can make a fully informed decision. Rest assured, if your choice of new property is subject to flood, then we will let you know, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to making your purchase. 
At MG Legal , we understand your home is your biggest investment and we will help you make sure it is a secure one. Contact us now for a fixed fee quote for your purchase, or property sale. 
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