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COVID-19 is affecting us all, in many different ways, some that we may have never imagined. Our Preston solicitors have been keeping a close eye on how the world of conveyancing has been affected and have seen extreme lengths taken, in some cases. 
Last week, our Preston solicitors undertook a coronavirus Q&A, to answer all of your queries about how the current pandemic may be affecting or, indeed, as we discussed, may not be affecting your conveyance. If you missed out, catch up with us by following the link, for more information. 
For one London property owner, Daniel Twenefour, the current pandemic has posed a huge strain on the ability to sell his property in Mitcham. As the lockdown measures were announced, property viewings have soared on a downward spiral, which Daniel has found out all too well. With a lack of interest during the present times, Daniel decided to take drastic measures in attempt to sell his property. 

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The three bedroomed property was purchased by the current owner as a renovation project, as was originally in poor condition. Replenishing each room in turn, the property is now pristine and ready for a new owner, with a healthy price tag. After starting a family, Twenefour soon realised that the property was not for him and wanted to move to a quieter, more family friendly area, bringing about the proposed sale. 
Prior to the lockdown period, the property had a couple of previous sales that had fallen through, which brought Daniel to the present, where he is attempting to raffle the property to potential buyers, at just £2.00 per ticket. Twenefour hopes to raise £400,000.00, to cover the costs of paying off the current mortgage, solicitor fees and all other associated fees, and comments that “I just needed to reach people who wanted the chance to own a London home, totally mortgage-free”. 
The raffle is set to take place on 31st May 2020, however, for those of you who do not wish to take such drastic action, you can always rely on MG Legal; your local solicitors. 
Whilst our team cannot sell your property for you, we can give our Preston solicitors’ top tips for securing that sale: 
- Tidy up: Not wishing to state the obvious within the current times we are in, but whilst we are here, wash your hands! Tidying up your property and decluttering can be a winning selling point for some as, with a clear open space, a potential buyer can vision how they would put their spin on the property. With dark and cluttered areas, it can be hard for some to picture themselves in the property and could put them off making an offer. 
- Know your angles: We are not talking selfie angles here, but it is important to know what works in your property to give the best finishing photo. A picture can speak a thousand words and this also applies to the photos being used to advertise your property. 
- Finding the best solicitor for you: It is important to have a solicitor on hand in order that, when you are ready to proceed with the sale, and have found a buyer, matters can progress smoothly. Look no further than MG Legal’s solicitors in Preston. Our service is second-to-none and, don’t believe us, see for yourself by viewing our glowing reviews
In addition, see our Preston solicitors’ guide on the do’s and don’ts of selling your home, and how to make the process run smoothly, here
So, once you have followed the above, and found yourself a prospective purchaser, get in touch with our Preston solicitors today, for your fixed-fee quote, with no hidden extras. Contact us today, at, or by submitting an online enquiry, where our team will be delighted to assist you. 
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