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There are more drivers than ever on our roads, and everyday people are sitting and passing their driving test. So, it makes our team of personal injury solicitors in Lancaster wonder what the most popular car type is compared to the cheapest cars out there to insure, and if they offer newly-qualified driver, the required amount of safety. 
Figures published by the website earlier this year, show that the nation’s favourite car for young drivers, is currently a Vauxhall Corsa, followed by the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Polo. This was according to research carried out by MoneySupermarket over 1st April 2018 to 31 March 2019 of over 4 million new drivers between the ages of 17-20. 
According to the research carried out, Corsa drivers in this age range can expect to pay an average of £943.00 for their car insurance, compared to only paying an average of £562.00 if you’re over the age of 21. 
The most expensive insurance average price, is £1,651.00 for a fully comprehensive policy on a Volkswagen Golf (the sixth most popular car, for those of you wondering). 

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However, the cheapest car to insure, which will probably not come as a surprise to any of you, is the famed Fiat 500, with the average insurance cost being £471.00 – that’s £1,180.00 less than the Golf! 
In the middle of the highest and lowest cars, with insurance costing an average of between £900.00 and £1,000.00, we have the Volkswagen Polo (£916.00), the Fiat Punto (£913.00), and the Ford Fiesta (£994.00). By popularity, these cars were 2nd, 5th and 6th, respectively. 
To see the full statistics of what cars were most popular, you can read the full article, here ( 
So that’s the popularity contest won. But how does this tally with safety? Well, most of the cars mentioned have a 4 or 5 star NCAP rating, and can, as our personal injury solicitors can attest, hold their own in a road traffic accident. 
So, what is it our personal injury solicitors in Lancaster take away from the statistics? Well, our team have helped a client involved in a road traffic accident, in his upside- down VW Golf, a Vauxhall Corsa that, as a result of a rear-end shunt, held its own, with only minor injuries to the driver and vehicle occupants. Dealing with hundreds of personal injury claims a year, our team make sure that the cars they drive are NCAP 5 Star. When you read as many medical reports as our personal injury specialists do, you’d be foolhardy not to want to take as much precaution as possible to avoid injuring your loved ones. 
And, just because the insurance is cheapest, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the car for you. Secondly, just because your chosen car isn’t listed in the top-ten, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for it (choosing the most common type of car, isn’t always best, you know!). 
Lastly, our team would explain that just because you drive the car with insurance in place, it doesn’t mean that you want to make a claim, as otherwise the costs could carry on increasing; make sure that you always drive carefully and take care to ensure that you’re always trying to get the best insurance policy to suit you – without being forced to pay over the odds! 
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