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Local Knowledge: - Local Solicitors = Local Knowledge.  
So, you found your dream home. The Seller hasn’t disclosed any issues with flooding and you aren’t aware of this being an issue either. You’ve decided not to have searches carried out, and the flooding issue hasn’t come to light. Your local Solicitor knows the area and knows to ask the Solicitor on the otherside whether there have been issues in this regard. Local Knowledge means that there is a much higher likelihood of accuracy when it comes to your transaction and it may also mean speed too. If the Solicitor has local -knowledge they may not have to waste time raising 1,000,000 queries if they already know the answer!  
Some property Solicitors in Preston, such as yours truly have dealt with transactions where they have bought the property for one party and are now selling the property so we know they questions that are likely to be raised and we can often pre-empt them! 
Personal Touch:- You’re desperate for completion to take place due to the arrival of a new baby, you have an operation coming up or you just want to be in for Christmas. As “real people” we understand, we take time getting you to your case and understand that sometimes matters need to be pushed through in a bit of a hurry. We don’t just deal with your transaction whilst hiding behind our computer screens. We are happy to arrange face to face meetings to talk about your wants, needs, expectations and concerns. 
Accessibility:- Pop in whenever you like - if we don’t have Clients then we will be happy to chat there and then. If we are busy we can make an appointment for you to come back and see us, often this can be the same day! Online Conveyancing firms can’t offer that level of convenience or approach-ability! 
Fraud Prevention:- If you haven’t heard all the hype about fraud prevention then perhaps the reason you need a Conveyancer is because you need to move from under that rock where you have been hiding! Fraudsters cannot intercept communications or bank details between Solicitors and their Clients if we have met you and given you the details in a face-to-face meeting. Whilst it allows you an opportunity to check bank details it gives us the opportunity to speak to you and verify your ID. 
Future Legal Services:- Once you have completed you will obviously be looking to make a will. All of our Clients are our number one priority we will ensure that you get a personal service to meet your personal needs. 
For conveyancing carried out with openness and user-friendliness whilst maintaining our professionalism that we take utmost pride in, contact us now on 01995 602 129 or via our property enquiries form here
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