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MG Legal, renowned for smooth and speedy property transactions, always aim to ensure completion of your matter takes place on the exact day you wish. We understand that you want to be in that new home as is possible, however, it is essential that our solicitors in Preston undertake the necessary investigations that may reveal any adverse issues. 
The facts of one recent cased have reinstated this and shown exactly why it is vital that your conveyancing solicitor carries out the appropriate due diligence, prior to the purchase completion. 

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One young couple, Tom Ainscough and Melissa Berry, in their twenties, were looking forward to purchasing and moving into their first home. Paying a substantial £250,000.00 for the property, they expected everything to be perfect, however, the reality was far from perfect. 
As first-time buyers, the couple were ecstatic to share their first home together. What they had not anticipated, however, were then additional occupiers that turned up, plaster beetles. Plaster beetles are small insects that live within damp plaster in buildings. The couple, to their horror, had discovered the insects in their home. The property was infested and the insects had taken over, even making themselves comfortable in the couple’s kitchen cupboards and under their duvet. 
The couple reported this issue to the housing company whom they had purchased from, Taylor Wimpey, however, feel that little has been done to help them. The couple had asked for alternative accommodation whilst the issue was resolved, which was refused by Taylor Wimpey. The company’s stance was that plaster beetles are a natural occurrence and so would not be covered by their warranty. 
British Pest Control have confirmed that the plaster beetles are not harmful, however, would you want them infesting your home? Our solicitors in Preston certainly wouldn’t. 
This devastating incident for the couple is not the first time such issues have been experienced. On the same Taylor Wimpey development in Cottam, not too far from Preston, another property was subject to the same grievance not once, but twice. To resolve the issue, the plaster had to be stripped right back to the brick and be re-finished to remove the damp and rid the pests. 
The fact that these issues have arisen only reinforces the importance of ensuring you are 100% happy with the property you are purchasing, before you commit to Exchange of Contracts and legal Completion. This is where the expertise of MG Legal’s property solicitors comes in. Our role, as your trusted conveyancer, is to assist you in ensuring this is the correct decision to make and ensuring you are aware of any potential problems. 
In order to investigate any potential issues at the property, we consider the following: 
Searches against the property. We carry out a local authority, coal and mining, water and drainage and environmental searches, which explore a range of items. See our blog on conveyancing searches and their role, for more information here
Enquiries, which our solicitors know are imperative. This is our opportunity to ask any questions and raise queries about the property to ensure the integrity of the same. At this stage, our solicitors welcome any specific queries our clients may have, which we can raise as additional enquiries with the seller’s solicitor, to ensure they are satisfied. 
Survey results. Although the survey would be something arranged independently, if available, our solicitors would always require sight of a copy of the survey report to review. The survey assess a separate set of topics that the searches do, therefore, we would always recommend having the same carried out to provide a complete set of information about the property. 
At MG Legal, we always aim to ensure that any problems are discovered within this pre-exchange stage by carrying out the above investigations. This helps avoid any issues arising at a later date, as was the case for Ainscough & Berry. 
The couple continue to experience issues and are aiming to have the beetles removed as soon as possible. Taylor Wimpey have commented “We will work closely with the occupant to agree a resolution and want to reassure people that plaster beetles are naturally occurring and not harmful.” 
Our conveyancing team will be following this matter closely for further updates, in the hope that matters are resolved sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we will continue doing what we do best and ensuring such problems do not occur for our valued clients. 
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