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Forgive the analogy, I know it’s not going to be one of the best, but go with me here. If we think of certain Lenders being like nightclubs, and those Lenders having incredibly tough bouncers on the door, Solicitors or Conveyancers would be the nightclubs band, and the person wanting to lend money from the Lender is the Customer wanting to get into the nightclub. Stick with me…. 
Now these bouncers will only let the Customer in if they meet certain criteria. This is a no jeans and trainers kind of club. You need to be making a certain amount of money each year, you need to have your top button fastened and you need to be wearing “proper shoes”. 
The band, (our Solicitors in this farfetched analogy), have to keep both the nightclub managers happy along with the customers so that they keep coming back to the club. Sometimes if you don’t fit with the nightclub manager's ideals then they won’t let you on the panel.  
For example, this band member prefers to wear jeans and a hoody, and certain nightclubs will only let you in if you are wearing a dress and heels.  
Now I’m never going to suit a dress and heels but I’ve got a very good friend who does, and that friend has three other friends who also like to dress up. So, when I’m with her and her friends, the nightclub relax their rules slightly, and let us play in the band together. They let us play in the band together because there is more than one of us. They do this because, for example, if my jean-wearing got me in trouble and caused issues then the nightclub can not only sue me personally, but they could also sue my dress-wearing friends meaning, ultimately, there is more chance of the nightclub getting their money back. 

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MG Legal launched our conveyancing department in May 2013. Whilst we have three offices, our business structure is that of a sole practitioner.  
Accordingly, in some instances, in order to deal with certain banks (or nightclubs where we are not allowed in because we are on our own!) we are required to use mortgagee solicitors. Some banks have a rather old fashioned notion that if a company were to run off with some of their money, then they would have more chance of claiming that money back from a firm made up of various Partners rather than one Sole Practitioner. These banks don’t seem to have heard the proverb “one bad apple can spoil the bunch”. 
If we do instruct mortgagee solicitors to act for the lender, then they will receive the Mortgage Offer and forward the same to us (acting on behalf of the buyer or buyers), they will request and receive the mortgage advance in readiness of Completion, and they will deal with the registration of the property in your name(s), upon Completion. We would still be your solicitor and you would liaise solely with MG Legal. The Mortgagee's Solicitors duties are in respect of the Lender solely. 
Rest assured that in the meantime most Lenders are catching on to the fact that a sole practitioner firm is governed in the exact same way as a firm made up of Partners therefore, they are opening up their panels to be more inclusive.  
If you have queries about whether we can assist you contact MG Legal’s Conveyancing Team now via enquiries@mglegal.co.uk or call us on 01995 602 129. We also cover the Lancaster area on 01524 581 306. 
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