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It’s the burning question on everyone’s lips since Aretha Franklin’s sad passing in August 2018: who will get her multi-million-dollar estate? When Aretha initially passed away, it was thought that she had not left a Will, but it has since been discovered that she has, in fact, left written instructions, which are thought to be her final Will. 
Multiple written notes were found as recently as 3rd May, two being locked in a closet, and one under – you won’t believe it – the sofa! We warn our clients to be careful with their Wills, if they decide to take the originals, and we would hope that they never leave the originals some as, frankly careless, as under their sofas! 
As of yet, Aretha’s 16 pages of scrawled notes haven’t been authenticated as being a) legitimately her Will, and b) a valid document. In the Will, it’s alleged that Franklin reveals the legitimate father of one of her children, as well as stipulates that her sons at to receive a one third share of her estate each, with sufficient provisions to be made for her eldest son, who suffers from disabilities. 
It can be really difficult when people leave their own, hand-written Wills, especially when they have not been correctly signed and witnessed. Our expert team of solicitors in Longridge would suggest that, in order to make sure your Will is valid and accepted following your death, you should leave it to the professionals. 
From your initial enquiry, our team will guide you through every step of making your Will. Our team of solicitors in Longridge will have the initial appointment with you, giving you any advice as necessary, and will then send out our initial documents. Once you’ve approved these, we’ll send you out a draft of your Will, which you can then come in and sign if you’re happy with it. 
So, don’t leave anything to chance, and make sure that your loved ones get what you want them to. 
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