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Our NO WIN NO FEE solicitors discuss the urgent recall of the Waitrose Mushroom Burgers due to plastic shards. Contact us today to make a claim. 
In recent days, the Food Standard Agency has announced an urgent recall of Waitrose & Partners Plantlife Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burgers due to a risk that they contain small amounts of plastic which could cause harm and injury to customers. 
The presence of blue plastic shards, if ingested or chewed in the mouth, can cause a large number of injuries to the customer. The FSA has warned customers of this risk, and warned people not to eat the product. 
Unlike most product recalls, there have been no specified batch numbers for the recall, or specific use-by dates of the product named in the recall. This means that if you have bought any of the Waitrose Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burgers, then you may be at risk of being injured if you eat the burgers that contain blue plastic. 

The risk of plastic in Waitrose Oyster Mushroom Burgers: 

While these Waitrose Oyster Mushroom Burgers have now been recalled, there has been no indication offered from Waitrose or the Food Standard Agency as to how long the affected products have been sold to customers, or how many items have been sold. 
This means that there is a very real risk that customers have been injured because of the plastic in the food, or the potential for customers who are unaware of the Oyster Mushroom Burgers recall to be injured in the near future when eating the affected product. 
When this happens, people can suffer from a wide range of injuries, including cuts in the gums and mouth, and damage to internal organs if the sharp pieces of plastic are swallowed. 
To see a full overview of the foreign object in food claims that our solicitors work on, how foreign object in food claims work, and how to claim after being injured by a foreign object in food, see our full page dedicated to this here. 

NO WIN NO FEE foreign objects in food claims: 

Foreign object in food compensation claims are made everyday up and down the country by people just like you, who have been injured due to finding plastic or other objects in their food, and being injured as a result. Our specialist personal injury solicitors regularly work on, and settle, foreign object in food compensation claims for our clients, and we accept all claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. 
We know how distressing it can be to suffer from unexpected injury from something as simple as eating a burger from the supermarket that you had assumed was safe to eat. When you suffer injury, whether it’s a chipped tooth or cuts to the mouth after eating something, you can lose this enjoyment for eating prepared meals and foods. 
In order to recover from your injuries, and prevent negligence from food companies and factories, you can make a foreign object in food injury claim with our specialist injury solicitors
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