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Learn how to prevent office injuries, and what to do if you are injured in an office accident at work. From our NO WIN NO FEE solicitors. 
Our specialist accident at work solicitors run through some tips to keep your office safe for employees as they return to work, outlining what the biggest accident risks are, and how to prevent injuries from occurring. 

Slips, trips and falls- 

Without a doubt, the most common office accident at work from employees is those who have tripped in the office, slipped on a wet floor in the office, or fallen over in the office. 
These accidents can often be harmless, resulting in no or minor injuries, but in some instances they can lead to dislocations, broken bones, and twisted ankles, needing treatment and time off work. 
Some of the most common causes of trips in the office and falls in the office are: 
Uneven and loose carpet 
Spillages on hard floors leading to employees tripping over in the office 
Wires not being kept away leading to falling over in the office 
Desk drawers and doors left hanging open to be tripped over 
As office workers tend to be more sedentary than those in other industries, and probably don’t move around the workplace as much, these kinds of hazards can be present for a long time before they are recognised, and this is often only when someone trips in the office. If an employee in an office happens to trip or fall, they are eligible to make a trip in the office accident at work claim with a specialist accident at work solicitors. 

Falling objects- 

Another common cause of injuries in the office and accidents in the office are falling objects. Whether it’s a stack of files on top of an overflowing filing cabinet, or a plant pot hanging off the edge of a high shelf, there are a number of seemingly harmless stacks and piles that can build up over time in an office workspace, and if they are knocked or unbalanced, they can easily fall and hit somebody passing by. This could result in a crushing injury, such as a head injury, a broken toe, or a neck tissue injury. 
It is best to always keep piles organised, prevent filing cabinets from overflowing, and avoid storing things near the edges of shelves or surfaces. 

Faulty equipment- 

Many offices have been working at lower than full working capacity for almost 18 months now. It is therefore more than likely that a lot of office equipment has not been used properly for a significant period of time. This can include electrical items, such as printers, photocopiers, computers, and chargers. 
All electrical equipment should be safety checked regularly to prevent electric shocks at work. If any employee suffers from an electric shock at work, they could be eligible to make an electric shock at work claim against their employer with a specialist accident at work solicitor. 

How can MG Legal help? 

Here at MG Legal, we know that everybody deserves to feel safe in their place at work, and rest assured the risk of injury is at a minimum. Still, this is not always the case, and many employees do not take the time to prevent these office injuries from happening. 
If you have been injured at work, either in one of the accident types listed above, or in any other way, you could be entitled to financial compensation through an office injury accident at work claim. 
Our specialist accident at work solicitors are here to help with your claim, and are available for a no-obligation discussion of your potential claim today. Simply get in touch, here, or email us at , and one of our specialist solicitors will be in touch within one working hour. 
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