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Our specialist beauty treatment negligence solicitors discuss the dangers of the largely unregulated beauty industry, and what to do if you have suffered a negligent beauty treatment. 
When it comes to dermal filler gone wrong, and botched lip filler, our specialist beauty negligence personal injury solicitors know all too well what risks are involved, and the injuries that you can suffer from. 
A recent investigation by a prominent news provider has exposed the realities of the training programmes in the filler and aesthetics industry, showing just how dangerous these treatments can be, and providing possible evidence for why the injury rate is so high. 

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Can anybody train in aesthetic injectables? 

In order to train and become qualified in aesthetic injectables, such as botox and fillers, you need to have a medical background of some form. This means that you must be medically trained as a: 
These rules are in place to ensure that those completing botox treatments and dermal filler treatments are medically trained in how to respond and how to act in a medical emergency situation. 
However, while these rules are technically in place, there is little to no regulation in this subsection of the beauty industry, and an unknown amount of practitioners are currently injecting botox and dermal filler without the correct medical training. Our team on no win no fee solicitors hear reports from clients everyday, of botched Botox and filler treatments carried out by unqualified practitioners, often using fake 'Botox'.  
In the previously mentioned investigation, reporters were offered places on half of the training courses that they applied to for botox and filler, despite being open and honest about having no medical background. 
Many of these courses are advertised as ‘fast-track’ courses, and do not require students to sit any sort or test or have any medical knowledge before attending the course. 

October 2021 introduction of age restrictions for Botox: 

In October 2021, the Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act 2021 was introduced. This legislation made it a criminal offence to inject Botulinum toxin (Botox) or cosmetic filler into a minor. The change came after years of lobbying and petitioning from regulatory bodies such as the Joint Counsel for Cosmetic Practitioners to bring regulation to the use of Botox in the beauty industry. Under the new legislation, it is against the law to inject Botox or filler into someone under the age of 18, or even to make an appointment or arrangements to do so. 
With the introduction of this law across England, our beauty treatment solicitors were hopeful that more care would be taken by beauty practitioners to stick to the rules, including obtaining signed consent forms from patients, and ensuring age verification checks are carried out. This is because, if they fail to do so, and are found to be carrying out treatments on those under the age of 18, they could now face criminal prosecution. 

Continued concerns over aesthetics safety standards 2022: 

Our cosmetic surgery solicitors work day in day out to win cosmetic surgery compensation claims for our injured clients, and despite recent legislation, we are disappointed to see the UK entering the new year with a major lack of regulation in the industry. 
Beyond the Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act 2021, there is little action being taken to regulate the industry, and our beauty treatment solicitors know full well that over 18s are equally as likely to become injured from negligent filler or Botox. Our beauty treatment solicitors work for clients who have been injured in a number of ways due to negligence on the part of their beauty practitioner. 

2022 trend towards growing invasive cosmetic surgeries: 

As well as dermal fillers and injectables, industry experts are also reporting significant increases in interest for invasive cosmetic surgeries. Save Face reported a 40% increase in their website traffic during the covid-19 pandemic, which is continuing to grow, and the Safety in Beauty campaign had also noted a growing trend towards invasive cosmetic surgeries and treatments. 
Our cosmetic surgery solicitors know that the current legislation does not go far enough to treat patients who suffer from negligent treatment during their cosmetic surgery treatment, and that more needs to be done for those who become injured due to cosmetic surgery negligence. We work with clients who are victims in the situation, who should be protected at a higher level by legislation. 
If you or a loved one have suffered from injuries after cosmetic surgery negligence, or Botox gone wrong, or did not have the sufficient consent form, you could be eligible to make a no win no fee beauty treatment claim with our beauty treatment solicitors, to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us online here, for a free no-obligation with a no win no fee solicitor, within one working hour. 

What are the risks associated with untrained people injecting filler and botox? 

Here at MG Legal, our specialist beauty treatment negligence solicitors see the aftermath of botox and filler gone wrong on a regular basis. Whether people have been to see an unqualified practitioner for the treatment and suffered from an allergic reaction to the injectable, or have suffered from adverse side effects that they were not warned of before the treatment, there are a huge number of risks involved. 
Some of these risks include: 
Paralysis of the facial muscles 
Facial Swelling 
Impaired vision 
Speech problems 
Psychological Injuries 
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What to do if I have been injured due to negligence botox or dermal filler? 

If you have suffered injuries of any kind due to the negligence of a beautician or beauty practitioner then there are a number of steps that you can take to strengthen any potential beauty negligence personal injury claim that you make. 
For a full overview of these steps, outlined by our beauty negligence solicitors, see here. 
The key point is to get in touch with a specialist no win no fee solicitor as soon as your injuries allow, and begin building your claim for financial compensation. 

How to find a good botox clinic or safe practitioner: 

Our beauty negligence solicitors would always recommend for you to do your research before going to see any practitioner for botox, filler, or any other type of beauty treatment. With sub-par training courses being offered to people with no medical background, and often only consisting of one day of training, there are very real risks involved in visiting the wrong aesthetic practitioner. 
One way to combat this, that our specialist beauty negligence solicitors would always recommend using before getting any beauty treatment, such as a botox, is to use: to check out whether a clinic or practitioner is government approved before attending them. 
And, if you are one of the tens of thousands of people injured as a result of botched botox treatment or dermal filler gone wrong, then all is not lost. Contact the team of experts at MG Legal and we will get you on the road to recovery, with specialist treatment, and compensation for the damage and injury to your face. 

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If you have suffered injuries of any kind as a result of your beauty treatment, then MG Legal are here to help you make a beauty negligence claim for personal injury compensation. Our team specialise in claims just like yours, and work closely with top medical specialist in order to get you the treatment that you deserve, and build a strong medical report for your claim. 
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