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Our team of Personal Injury solicitors in Preston have reported on some sad stories over the past few years, and this occasion is not different. Whilst it’s not exactly a case that our Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston would be able to help with, it’s something that we feel needs to be shared. 
With the post going viral, the tale of the pup, Gizmo, has shocked the nation: a dog-napping seagull is on the loose. 
Rebecca Hill shared a post on her Facebook account on Sunday, explaining how her partner had witnessed a seagull swooping down, and picking up their tiny dog, Gizmo, from their back garden. The seagull apparently flew off, still carrying Gizmo, and Rebecca lost sight. 
Although Rebecca has since removed the post due to negative comments being made, The Sun newspaper has jumped to her help, and has offered a reward of £5,000.00 to anyone who can provide ‘further information leading to the safe return of Gizmo’. 
Whilst some people alleged that the situation may have been a hoax, however the country’s leading urban seagull expert explained how seagulls can be aggressive, and have been known to swoop down low enough to pick up small pets. He explains that even so far as picking up a small baby would not be impossible. 
And, sadly, that’s not the only ‘psycho’ seagull tale to hit the news this week. Just yesterday (25th July), a seagull pecked its way into a flat, through the netting on the windows, and began pecking at Matt, the unfortunate student who occupies the property. 
Less than four miles from Gizmo’s home, Matt’s brother Chris, questioned, albeit jokingly, whether the seagull had dropped off Gizmo at the same time. 
Whilst it’s perhaps unlikely that it’s the same seagull, it seems that we should be more careful around the large sea birds, and err on the side of caution whenever they’re around. 
Now, although our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston can’t sue a seagull if you’re injured, we can deal with other Personal Injury compensation claims, including Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents at Work, Slips, Trips and Falls and Medical Negligence claims. All claims are dealt with on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, and you can keep up to 100% of your compensation! 
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