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Domestic Abuse is always a sad subject to discuss, and as our solicitors in Preston will tell you, in the present climate, statistically, at least, it is on the increase. Whilst some may be lucky enough to find the strength the leave a violent relationship or home situation, for others they are not so lucky, and sadly since lockdown began 4 weeks ago, there have been reports of 18 domestic abuse killings, 5 of which are reported to be children. 

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This is a drastic increase of number from this time last year, in fact reports show that by April 2019 there had been 5 reported domestic abuse killings, unfortunately meaning that the pandemic has tripled the number of victims. 
Several Domestic Abuse Helplines have reported a surge in calls to them and emergency services are attending more call out than ever. 
According to one source, Drug and alcohol use has long been linked to domestic violence, but the exact role of substance abuse plays in triggering violent events is not clear. The general consensus seems to be that alcohol and drug use may act as a catalyst in escalating conflicts into a violent outburst but isn't the actual cause of the behaviour. 
Of course, the Coronavirus isn’t creating abusers, so why are the number of reports increasing? 
For one, it’s difficult being under one and another’s feet at the best of times, however in normal times there is the escape of leaving the house for work, or to meet friends. Now with no other option than to be together 24 hours a day, traits may start to show that were never there before. Whilst a partner may not have been violent in the past, there may have been other signs of abuse, for example cohesive behaviour, deciding what their spouse can and cannot do, controlling their money or deciding who they can see. 
Studies show that a “trigger event” may bring out the worst in abusers, they may move from snarky comments and making decision on behalf of their spouse to physical violence. 
The COVID-19 may have been a trigger for the abusers of the 16 victims, it may be that the abuser or the victim themselves had been made furloughed and had a decrease in salary, causing the abuser to “flip” and become violent. 
As Family Law Solicitors in Preston, we are sadly all too aware of the effects that domestic abuse can have on a person, and in a time whilst you may feel alone and with nowhere to turn we have included a list of available service:- 
0808 2000 247 - 24/7 helpline run by Refuge 
Police Silent Solution – call the police and use your keyboard or coughs to make noses, you will be put through to silent solution (police) who will track the call and dispatch help. 
If you need any legal advice, then our family law solicitors are following government guidelines, and are working whilst managing social distancing. Contact our solicitors in Preston on 01772 783314, or online at
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