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Forms and Law, two of the most mind boggling, confusing and stressful things a person and can do – the legal terminology involved the different names for each forms, the time it takes the emotions that you go through while completing forms, just thinking about it gives me a headache --- lucky for you, our Family Team are more than happy and capable of taking this off your hands and dealing with matters on your behalf, however should you wish to know more then we have put together a short list of the application and what they cover to keep you in the know.. read on the learn more 

The Different Types of Forms/Applications 

Child Arrangement Order/C100 

This form is completed when an applicant wishes to ‘arrange’ where children that they have parental responsibility for live, during the time that a parent spends with the children, and the type of contact that takes place, such as overnight contact, unsupervised/supervised contact, direct or indirect contact (see our blog on the difference types of contact here). This form can be completed by the Applicant themselves, or with the assistance of one of our Family Law Solicitor’s in Lancaster or Preston

Specific Issue Order/C100 

This form is to be completed should the applicant wish to deal with specific issues, such as the school the child(ren) attends, their religious upbringing, and any other issues surrounding their upbringing. As before this can be completed by the applicant alone or with the assistance of a local family law solicitor. 

Prohibited Steps Order 

A Prohibited Steps Order is used when an applicant wishes to stop the other parents from making serious decisions regarding the child(ren)’s upbringing, this include removing the child from the country or the other parents care. 

Parental Responsibility Order 

This form would be completed by a parent that does not already have parental responsibly for the child, and could be a parent that is not named on the birth certificate or a step parent/care giver that has been responsible for the care of the child(ren). 
You will be asked to include the following information on your form: - 
1. The current address, full names, date of birth and contact details for all parties. 
2. A list of any other adult that resides with the child(ren) for example, stepparents, grandparents, siblings over the age of 18. 
3. Whether the child(ren) is/are known to Social Services. 
4. Written evidence that you have tried mediation (this is obtained from Mediation directly). 
Your local family law solicitor will then need to send the original signed C100 form along with three clear copies of the form to the Court to approve. 
A Court applicant fee of £215 will be required by the Court, you can also send in a Help With Fees form if you believe you may be eligible for a reduction in the Court fees, then ask one of our family law experts, and they will walk you through form EX160. 
Please note, this fee is for the application only, you will be charged separately for any legal assistance you need, a note of our fees can be found here, alternatively contact our office to talk to our Family Solicitors in Lancaster, for a quote for our fees. 
Or, you can contact our one of our solicitors in Preston, by calling 01772 783314, or solicitors in Garstang on 01995 602129. Just choose whichever office is nearest to you, and we’ll do the rest. 
Once your application has been received by the Court, they will review your applicant and send a date for First Appointment to all parties involved, unless marked urgent the Court can take from 6-8 weeks to deal with the applicant and respond with a date. 
During the proceedings you will be contacted by a CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) officer. Cafcass will carry out safeguarding and background checks against you and your ex-partner, conduct an interview with both parents, and recommend a way forward for the Court at the first hearing. If you do not have legal representation the Court will normally advise that you seek some. 
For any further question in relation the above please do not hesitate to contact our Family Team for advice or assistance on 01524 581306 or by completing our online enquiry form here
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