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Our personal injury solicitors discuss the dangers of fairgrounds, and how to claim financial compensation if you or your child are injured. 
As the world opens back up, many of us are eager to get back out and make the most of a summer at home. For many, this includes fun-filled day trips, such as days out at local fairgrounds, funfairs, and theme parks. 
But, with the increase in people visiting these fairgrounds, comes a worrying increase in the number of accidents and injuries happening on fairground rides. Our personal injury solicitors run through these risks below, and how to stay safe on a day out at the fairground. 

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With the UK’s summer of staycations in full swing, the number of people attending theme parks and temporary fairgrounds is at a record high. However, a number of serious accidents have happened in recent weeks that really highlight the very real risks involved in these establishments. 
Four weeks ago, a funfair carriage fell apart in a Northern Ireland town leaving 20 people injured. Around the same time, a Newport fairground erected in a local park saw a young girl injured after the carriage veered off the rails and through a nearby fence. Just weeks earlier, a boy was seriously injured on a caterpillar ride in the south of England, and was airlifted to hospital, while another man was also airlifted out of a funfair after falling 20ft. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is currently completing an investigation into this incident. 

How do I know if a fairground is safe? 

When visiting a fair ground or theme park, it is always best to do your research into the business or company beforehand. HSE has published some guidance on staying safe at the fairground, which our personal injury solicitors have outlined below. It suggests: 
Checking that the fairground or fairground owner is registered to a trade association- such as the Showman's Guild of Great Britain (SGGB) or British association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA). This will ensure that all rides are fully safety tested. Ride operators and fairground managers should have a copy of the valid certificate on hand to show customers should they request it. 
Use your own judgement when looking at the rides in person- there is no one way to tell if a ride is unsafe or faulty just by looking at it. Still, there are often some giveaway signs that a ride may not be properly maintained, such as broken parts, rusted metal, and other signs of wear and tear. 
Take note of any safety warnings- if there are proper safety warnings and signs around the fairground, make sure to take note of them and stick to them. If there are no safety warning and signs around the park, this could be another sign that the fairground is not being run safely, or with safety as a main priority. 

What to do if my child has been injured at a fairground? 

If you are reading this post because you or your child has unfortunately been injured at a fairground, or on a fairground ride, then MG Legal are here to help. After seeking the necessary medical attention for your or your child’s injuries, you could be eligible to make a claim for financial compensation through a fairground negligence personal injury claim. 
In these claims, our personal injury solicitors work to prove that the injuries that you have sustained were caused by the negligent actions of the fairground itself, or the ride operator. All machinery must comply with the Health & Safety at Work Acts, and all employees must take necessary precautions to keep customers safe. 
These acts of negligence could include: 
Ride operator not ensuring safety belts are secured and passengers are safe before setting off 
Ride operator not allowing enough time to get on of off the ride, leading to slips, trips and falls 
Ride operator not ensuring enough time between carriages, leading to ride collisions 
The mechanics of the ride being broken, such as faulty brakes 
Faulty track of the ride 
Rides not being put together safely 
These acts of negligence can cause serious injuries, which should never be part of the risk involved with a day out at the funfair. 

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