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Below are a few comments found on an online forum that describes how people had decided they were separating and what had been their final straw: 
1. “I came home to find her sister’s husband naked in my bed” 
2. “When he was prosecuted for stalking another girl on the Xbox” 
3. “When he told me, I needed to lose weight, then handed me several spreadsheets setting out the dates and times I stopped at McDonald’s” 
4. “When I did all the chores for us to have a relaxing weekend. I vacuumed the flat, cleaned everything, did the bathroom, went grocery shopping, washed 2 loads of clothes, hung them to dry, new bed sheets, made dinner that was on the table when she got home. Throughout the day I sent her texts telling her what I was doing. Her reaction when she got home was “well why haven’t you done the dishes”.” 
5. “When I had been working away for a year and found an abortion follow-up appointment letter dated one month previous to my return.” 
6. “He wouldn’t get a job. He would make a big show of looking for work, fill out applications, then stuff them in the car and never hand them in. Finding them in the car was the last straw.” 
7. “I came home early from work because of a migraine, found him in bed with my best friend. Oddly I was must upset by her behaviour than his.” 
8. “I suspected that something was going on so I set up a recorder and after a couple of hours I heard her saying “come over, he’s out, we can have sex in the bed this time.” 
9. “I came home from work, all the food, furniture and money from the bank account was missing. She had even taken the ice cubes out of the freezer. The children had been dropped off at my parents and she left the Country.” 
10. “My husband was cheating. I found out and instead of dumping him I suggested that we work it out, but he said that first he would need to dump the girlfriend. His response was “but what if you and me don’t work out?”” 

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