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When selling a property, MG Legal, your Preston law firm, understand that there can be a lot to take in and consider, in particular the amount of documentation you are required to complete. This is why your conveyancing solicitors Preston are on hand to help. 
There are a number of important documents your Garstangs solicitors will provide, however, you may ask, what are they for and why do they need to be signed? 
Taking the documents in turn: 
Property Information Form – Also known as the TA6. This form will provide the buyer’s solicitor with a volume of information about the property which ranges from information on works carried out at the property, any guarantees and warranties you may have, any disputes that have ever occurred, any informal arrangements in place for example for parking, details of any occupiers of the property etc. As you can see, this form covers a wide range of aspects about the property. 
Fittings and Contents Form – Also known as the TA10. Within this form, your Preston law firm will require that you confirm what items you intend to leave or take from the property, upon Completion. This includes items such as curtains, light fittings, carpets etc. 
Contract – The Contract for sale is the legally binding document which confirms you agree to sell the property under the terms stipulated within. This then allows your Solicitors in Preston to proceed to Exchange Contracts with the buyer’s solicitor, whom will also hold a copy of the Contract signed by the buyer’s, the Contracts are then Exchanged. Before signing, you should check that you agree to all the terms of the Contract and the information noted, paying particular attention to the sale price, asking your conveyancing solicitors Preston for advice on any information you are unclear on or are unhappy with. 
Transfer Deed – Also known as the TR1, the Transfer Deed is the document that the Preston law firm uses to effectively transfer the ownership of the property from one party to the other. By signing this, you are confirming that you agree to transfer the property to the buyers. Your conveyancing solicitors Preston will forward this Deed to the buyer’s solicitor who will submit the same to the Land Registry to register the change in ownership of the property. 
There may be further documents which your conveyancing solicitors Preston may require you sign as each Conveyance can be unique. The above, however, are the fundamental documents that you are required to sign, in any event. 
If you require any help or assistance in completing any documentation with regards to your Conveyance, or have any other Conveyancing query, contact our Solicitors in Preston today at enquiries@mglegal.co.uk
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