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Mobile network provider EE, have recently announced that they are taking the world of mobile data one step further. They will soon be offering not just 3G, not just 4G but 5G, to their customers at various sites around the UK. The upgrade is said to be particularly useful for the business sector in having easy accessible and reliable data, with significant speed increases, at all times. 
The proposals are set to be released to over 1500 sites over the next year, promising a faster network for their customers. One of the sites will be situated within Liverpool, where politicians are commenting this will be “a massive boost for the city”. Our solicitors in Preston, however, reveal at what price this may come at. 
At the ‘Health in Buildings Roundtable’, Dr Martin Pall comments that that announcement of 5G is “insane”. He has made previous comment on current levels of radiation exposure from 2, 3 and 4G, in that the same have been linked to serious medical conditions including Cancer, lowered fertility and hormonal disruption, along with other illnesses. 
A petition, via, is addressing this issue and campaigners are currently requesting a government funded public inquiry into the safety of the same. Campaigners are concerned as to the adverse effects on our health the wireless radiation may have, should the proposals be brought into force. 
What does this have to do with my purchase, you may ask. At MG Legal, your local property solicitors, when purchasing a property, we carry out a standard searches bundle on your behalf. The bundle includes a local authority, environmental, coal and mining and water and drainage search. See our blog on conveyancing searches for more information on searches and their importance. 
Hazardous and harmful items can be picked up by the searches, such as radon gas which can pose a risk to our health, in affected areas. Similarly, the introduction of 5G and its potential consequences, may be something which local authorities need to evaluate and report on. 
Although not yet implemented, this issue has given our property solicitors Preston some food for thought. If a property is in an area which could potentially be negatively affected by 5G, then the purchasers should be aware of the same. When receiving search results for a particular property, our expert team of conveyancing solicitors will thoroughly review the same and report on any issues revealed. 5G may, in the future, become part of the risks being assessed by your conveyancer. 
If you are purchasing a property, and believe there to be potential risks at the same which you require clarity and advice on, or simply have any other conveyancing query, contact our solicitors in Preston Lancashire today at
MG Legal - Your Local Solicitors 
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