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When contacting your solicitors in Lancaster, and purchasing a new property with the assistance of our Lancaster law firm, one of the last things on your mind may be whether or not the property has solar panels. Well, think again, as a new Scheme for residual energy, produced by solar panels, may be slowly creeping up your new property’s ‘wish list’. 
With the ongoing uncertainty as to energy prices, more and more homeowners are opting to fit solar panels at their properties. The solar panels use energy omitted from the sun to generate an energy source, known as the photoelectric effect. This is the process that creates the current needed to produce electricity. 
As an advancement to current Schemes, there are current government proposals which are to pay households for any excess energy they produce from the solar panels. The initiative is otherwise known as the ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ which aims to create a new market with companies bidding competitively for energy being supplied to local grids and supporting green energy. The proposals could ‘usher in anew era for small-scale renewables’ according to James Court, from the Renewable Energy Association. 
Taking the proposals into consideration, your solicitors in Lancaster have been investigating what other benefits installing solar panels may have, these include: 
- A guaranteed source of energy when the sun is shining. 
- The panels work from sunlight, not heat – As you can imagine, your solicitors in Lancaster found this to be greatly beneficial in consideration of the current UK climate! 
- They can be easily installed and do not require heavy maintenance – so you can spend more time reaping the benefits of the Smart Export Guarantee, when in action. 
- They help support positive changes in respect of reducing our carbon footprint and aiding global warming. 
When purchasing a property with solar panels, there are a number of specific questions your solicitors in Lancaster would require when enquiring with the other party’s solicitor. Your Lancaster law firm would be specifically looking at: 
- Whether there was any Planning Permission required, and obtained, for the installation of the panels. 
- Whether they have been fitted by qualified contractors with Building Regulations Approval. 
- Whether there are any Covenants at the property which may have restricted the original installation which we would require remedying. 
Your solicitors in Lancaster would be making all other necessary checks as part of their due diligence when assisting with the purchase of a property with solar panels. Let MG Legal, your Lancaster law firm, focus on these dull and dreary questions whilst you take full advantage of the benefits solar panels can bring to you and your family. 
For more information, or any other conveyancing query, contact MG Legal your Lancaster law firm at enquiries@mglegal.co.uk, and our solicitors in Lancaster would be delighted to assist today. 
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