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A recent report, based on the anonymous statements of former Nando’s employees, appears to show that staff are often not paid for overtime, usually after the restaurant is closed, when most cleaning is done. Ex-employees have told similar stories that their hours are recorded as “finished” when the manager “signs off” the restaurant for the day, but they are made to stay on to conclude cleaning. Additional hours are required to be added manually by the manager for this after-hours cleaning, it being routine that Nando’s do not employ dedicated cleaners. Hours are often not added on and staff report having to “pester” to have their additional time included. One employee stated that when questioned about being paid for the extra hours, their manager reported that they should “work faster”. 
This lack of interest in the wellbeing of staff and paying them properly is passed on in the care, or lack of, towards diners. Numerous employees reported that whilst the in-house cleaning protocols dictated that colour coded mops and buckets were used for different areas of the restaurant, with specific ones being used for toilets, kitchen and other areas, time pressures (and a lack of being paid for their time) often led to employees simply using one mop or bucket for cleaning kitchens, toilets and the restaurant areas, giving a high chance of cross contamination.  
Other employees reported a lack of gloves and hairnets for days or weeks at a time, meaning the food, both raw and cooked, was prepared without proper protection, and employees were equally unprotected for high-risk tasks such as cleaning toilets. Understandably, this might put people off eating at a Nando’s restaurant, this being the last thing you want to know before enjoying your dinner. 

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Whilst Nando’s denies any such problems, this is a prime example of how failings can occur in businesses, putting both employees and customers at risk. All employers have a duty to provide their employees with a safe working environment and providing gloves to handle raw meat and to clean toilets is a simple, cheap and effective way to minimise the risk of employees becoming ill. 
The same applies to customers, and if a mop intended only for use in the toilets is used in other areas, it increases the likelihood of contamination from the toilet floor entering the restaurant and kitchen. Should a staff member or a diner become ill and it can be proven that the proper hygiene measures were not implemented, that individual would have the right to make a personal injury claim. Employees would make an Employer’s Liability claim and customers would make a Public Liability claim. MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitor, is well versed in both types of claim and we regularly secure awards for personal injury in both Employer’s Liability claims and Public Liability claims. 
These types of claim are, of course, not limited to illness sustained in a restaurant and both types of claim are intended to cover, between them, injuries and illnesses sustained during most people’s daily lives. Employer’s Liability claims cover any type of injury or illness sustained at work and Public Liability claims cover any injury or illness sustained that was not during time at work or in a Road Traffic Accident. 
If you have been involved in any kind of incident where you have sustained injury or illness that was not your fault, please contact MG Legal, your local personal injury solicitors.  
All personal injury claims we accept are on a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win, no fee agreement) to ensure that you are able to access the legal representation you need.  
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