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Many parents of minors who suffer from a lack of mental capacity often forget that the automatic rights given to them by way of Parental Rights protections, including all financial and medical decisions, are diminished somewhat when their child reaches adulthood, often leading to a minefield of confusion, worry, and lack of knowing where to turn. 
The government doesn’t provide parents with any real guidance on the matter, and parents are expected to attend upon a Lancaster law firm for clear advice on their rights: and this is where MG Legal, your solicitors Lancaster, can help parents through the legalese and jargon, and help parents get the rights they had over their offspring once more. 
Some of the problems faced by parents arises out of the fact that the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Children Act overlap, for 16 and 17 year olds. As Many of the provisions of the MCA apply to young people, and the Code of Practice for the MCA gives guidance on how to proceed, when a ‘child’ reaches the age of 18, parents lacking the advice of a Lancaster solicitors, often forget their rights have diminished, and are unable to assist their offspring who lacking mental capacity, as they were legally able, only a number of days before. The expert team at MG Legal, your Lancaster solicitors, have helped hundreds of parents in this very position. MG Legal, your Lancaster solicitors will advise on how to handle the transition to adulthood, by applying for Deputy Rights or Attorney Rights, in lieu of those that were once bestowed by Parental Rights. 
As solicitors Lancaster, MG Legal are on hand to advise and assist most evenings, and, with prior booking weekend appointments. Your nearest solicitors are not always the best qualified- so try MG Legal. Lancaster solicitors who won’t let you down. 
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