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MG Legal, Preston and Lancaster’s local property solicitors, have noted lots of new build developments cropping up along the A6, through into Longridge, Lancaster and the like to be fair though they are hard to miss! Local websites and forums have either dismissed or applauded the developments, and our team of property lawyers are staying firmly on the (garden?) fence. We can however, advise all buyers and prospective buyers alike of the benefits of New Build Home Warranties
NHBC are one of the leading suppliers offering protection for homebuyers when they purchase a new build property in the form of Buildmark warranty and insurance. It is NHBC who are reporting that 2019 has seen the highest number of new build home registrations in the past twelve years! 
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston have written about accidents in theme parks on more than one occasion, and we often talk about different types of personal injuries you can suffer: road traffic accidents, slips, trips or falls, accidents at work, and medical negligence. However, we don’t often talk about what happens if you are injured abroad. 
When you are on holiday, normally you want to be relaxed, sitting sipping your pink gin, and, or reading your favourite book. Some people, however, they want an action-packed adventure, where they get their thrills daily – bungee jumping or walking up Everest (or something that feels as big as Everest, at the time) are just a few of the activities you may decide to partake in. For those of you who were wondering, our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston prefer the former! 
For those of you who are injured on your relaxing (or not, relaxing) holiday, claiming compensation might be the last thing on your mind BUT It is definitely something you should think about! 
A pair of yellow flip flops
Property Solicitors will always advise you to weigh up what is important to you. What property ticks the boxes for you? 
Food safety is vital in ensuring that potential consumers are kept safe when purchasing goods that they intend to consume. There are various sources where important information can be found on how this is to be achieved. 
Firstly, our solicitors in Lancaster look to what the law itself says. The Consumer Protection Act, of 1987, states that retailers are to sell products which are free from bacteria that may cause food poisoning. 
Further guidance comes from the Food Standards Agency who, in conjunction with the Chilled Foods Association, have published specific guidance on such matters in their ‘Best Practice Guidelines for the Production of Chilled Foods’. The Chilled Foods Association release annual reports, which can be viewed at “https://www.chilledfood.org/”, on issues surrounding the standards that chilled food should be at. 
As is the case with many young people, having their ears pierced is an exciting step; until they feel the pain for hours later, that is. What they fail to recognise, amidst the excitement, is what safety precautions should be taken when having a procedure, such as a body piercing, carried out. 
To become a body piercer, the relevant training course should be undertaken. Practitioners are then required to apply with the local city council for a licence to be registered, and will then be subject to various inspections to ensure all is in order. 
‘You’ve missed a bit’, a phrase our solicitors in Preston, and we suspect many of you reading this blog, have had entrenched in our brains and down our ears by loved ones whilst on holiday to stop the sun burning us. Whilst we are all careful, sun burn is something that sometimes, is to be expected in the hot weather. Our accident injury solicitors, and again many of you, however, would in no way expect chemical burns to be something we need to watch out for. Nor was this the case for one family who were enjoying a holiday in Lanzarote. 
We all know that, when on holiday with young children (and in many cases, the adults too), the first thing they want to do is a ‘belly flop’ straight into the swimming pool to cool off. Esme Law, aged four, was the same and was enjoying playing in the pool at the Villa the family were staying at. 
When you go on holiday, you expect a week away in the sun, returning feeling relaxed and care-free. 
Sadly, for one British man, this was the farthest thing from what he got. 
David Briffaut, and his girlfriend, Penny Bristow, were on holiday in Benidorm, when they decided to visit Aqualandia Water Park. David, only 23, decided to race on the waterslide, known as Splash. However, the fun-themed waterpark was not fun at all. 
David’s head allegedly snapped forward as he came to the end of the slide, and he lost consciousness, briefly. When he came to, it’s said that David couldn’t feel his legs. 
After being rushed to Hospital, he was sedated and put into an intensive care unit, being placed on life support. 
Blue flip flops and an assortment of other holiday essentials on a sandy beach.
Freddie Dixon, an eight year old boy, has been recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, to the sadness of his family and those around him. As though the diagnosis is not enough, MG Legal’s solicitors who deal with medical negligence have been shocked to discover how the diagnosis came about, when it was eventually recognised by health care professionals. 
Firstly, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is a form of Cancer, the word that nobody wants to hear and, in particular, when it is affecting an eight year old child. This is a form of cancer that is vested within the lymphatic system – which is part of our immune system. Blood cells that would normally fight against infection, are affected in a way that results in the same losing the ability to fight against infection, making the affected individual more vulnerable to illness. The way in which the cells are affected means that they can gather, within the lymphatic system, which often leads to swelling of the lymph nodes. This was the case for Freddie Dixon who began to develop large swollen lumps within his neck, that were later discovered to be cancerous. 
As specialist divorce solicitors, it is rare that we at MG Legal get to write about marriage, but the Law Commission is to conduct a two- year review of marriage ceremonies in England and Wales view a view to cutting red tape. This follows a 2015 review which much to everyone’s surprise (**sarcasm intended**) found the laws surrounding marriage to be outdated and too restrictive. We were particularly surprised to hear this given that the laws surrounding marriage only date back to 1836. So, Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced in his 2018 budget that the Law Commission should draw up proposals for change following the review. 
The suggestion is that the project will look at the current laws as to how and where marriages can take place. There have been suggestions that military bases should allowed to be used for marriages for military personnel along with proposals that couples are allowed to marry in their own homes or at sea. The Law Commission's aim is to look at creating a simpler, fairer system that provides more choices and an alternative to the cost of an approved venue or registry office. The Government in the meantime is going to separately look to introduce new legislation which will allow civil weddings and civil partnerships to be held outside. Naturally; the Ministry of Justice said any new venues “would have to meet the existing test of solemnity and dignity”. 
MG Legal’s conveyancing solicitors are well aware of the promises and expectations housing companies can often place upon their prospective buyers, to ensure that sale goes through. This is where the role of MG Legal’s expert conveyancing team come in. We will do all in our power to ensure that you are in that new home as soon as possible, and our expert team will ensure that this does not come at a cost to the standard of property you are acquiring. 
Unfortunately, one family in Swindon were met with a £400,000 property that was sadly shattered to pieces, literally in some ways, just weeks after the big move. The Tompkinsons have found themselves amidst an 18 month squabble with the housing company that sold them the property, finding an astonishing 400 faults which require rectification. The faults include a number of issues such as missing brickwork, paint defects, alignment issues and unbolted bannisters, for example. 
One major turning point was, just three weeks in, where a roof tile, which was secured using duct tape, fell from the roof and caused £3,000 damage to the family car which was parked outside the property. The family’s concerns were then raised even further as the issues were now causing problems in terms of safety. The family have three children who also reside at the property and, at this point, decided enough was enough. 
The housing company are aware of the issue, however, the same is yet to be attended to. Mr Tompkinson claimed that there had been an offer for the family’s expenses to be covered whilst the repairs were carried out, and for them to vacate the same during this time. This ‘offer’ has not been forthcoming since. The housing company have gone on to suggest that the roof tile falling from the roof arose as a result of an ‘Act of God’ by the wind. 


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