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Our love of the night life means we see some sights; it also means that our Sunday morning look is significantly more dishevelled than our social media selfie Saturday evening look. I appreciate that I may be aiming this at the ladies but I think many of us know what I mean when I say that none of us look quite our best when we wake up on a Sunday morning with our false eyelashes hanging off, lipstick smeared across your chin and last nights pizza stuck to your cheek…but imagine being sued over your looks! 
Bold, red lipstick smeared in a line.
Preston’s Personal Injury Solicitors, MG Legal, are nearly always on some kind of fitness regime, and most recently, we wrote about walks up Preston’s local beauty spot, the beautiful, Nicky Nook. 
Many people often start their fitness regime with walking. A ramble through the countryside has many benefits of which I am sure you are aware. But, you must be careful, for personal injury claims for slips and trips whilst out in the countryside rarely succeed. 
Whether it be to see your General Practitioner, or a date for a surgical procedure, we all know that waiting for an appointment to resolve a medical issue can be a frustrating and, in some cases, a timely process. 
When contacting a medical professional, in many cases, it is not good news as we require assistance in restoring our health and getting better when we are ill. Medical attention is, therefore, usually required quickly, not only to ensure matters are resolved and we are back fighting fit, but also to ensure that any symptoms or conditions do not worsen and, subsequently, cause bigger issues. 
This, however, could be set to cause problems, with the Public Spending Watchdog warning that increases in such waiting times could lead to a rise in medical negligence claims. In a recent report, published in March 2019, the National Audit Office reported that approximately 40% of negligence claims are related to failures or delays in diagnosis or treatment. 
Given that there were 1,793 reported deaths on the road in 2017 and over 24,800 serious injuries, it is clear that we need to be as careful and considerate as possible when we’re driving around on our day-to-day travels. On top of those who were sadly killed or seriously injured, there was over 170,000 casualties of all severities on the road in the same year. It’s important to remember, too, that these figures - as reported by gov.uk - only include road traffic accidents reported to the police, and not those that go unreported. This means that these figures could be even higher! 
So, if you’ve got a family member who has been the victim of a fatal car accident, what sort of claim for compensation could be made? 
When you’re buying a car, what is it that you look for? Maybe it’s the tech gadgets (how would we be able to live without our Bluetooth?!), maybe it’s the safety features, or maybe you simply choose your car based on the colour (yes, I really need that bright yellow car, mum!). 
A line of different coloured toy cars, in order of red, purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow and orange.
It’s often the question that people want to know the answer to, but never know when the right time is to ask: how much compensation will I get?  
Whilst it’s hard to give a definitive answer at the outset of your matter, it’s often easy for our personal injury solicitors Preston to give you a ball-park figure. 
So, so that you don’t have to ask the question, our expert team have created a video outlining what different injuries are worth, which you can see above. 
A graphic design of a man holding his injured knee.
A claim management company (CMC) is a business which manages a vast quantity of personal injury claims at the same time, normally by acting as a middle man between you and a qualified professional, such as a conveyer-belt style law firm or solicitors’ practice. 
Generally, they collect the initial information from you, such as details about how the accident happened, who were the parties involved, and your personal information, and they pass this onto the highest bidder, whether that be local personal injury solicitors or a firm on the other side of the country; they’re usually not fussy, just whoever pays the most. 
The CMC then passes information from the law firm, back onto you, like a pig in the middle. 
Vicarious Liability is the principle that means employers can be held responsible for their employees negligence, that is, if that action occurred during the course of their employment or was sufficiently linked to their employment. 
A man falling off a ladder, as his yellow hard-hat falls off his head
When you’re buying a car, there can be so many reasons that you chose it: the colour, the horsepower, the sound system – whatever the reason for your choice, one thing you should be thinking about is the safety features. So, what safety features do cars now-a-days have, and what do they do? 
When you’ve passed your test and you’re looking at insurance for the first time, it can be daunting. With insurance costs always seeming to go up (or is it just us?!), the costs for a first-time driver can now be over £2,000.00, even with a black box. One way of reducing the costs that many people consider, is listing their parent as the main driver on their car, and themselves as a secondary driver. Although this can reduce the costs of the insurance, insurance companies call this ‘fronting’, and consider it to be fraud. 


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