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The horrific tragedy of Grenfell Tower has brought to light many safety concerns for people living in flats or high-rise buildings. One of the buzz words associated with Grenfell Tower is ‘cladding’. In particular; “what the position is of Leaseholders who live in properties with unsafe cladding” is a question many Property Lawyers are asking. MG Legal, your solicitors Lancaster, have researched the matter and our findings are as follows: 
On the 16th of May 2018 Theresa May pledged £400 million to replace unsafe cladding following the June disaster. However; in the September update to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Building Safety Programme, which monitors the number of buildings with ACM cladding and the progress of work to remove it, it was revealed that only two out of 205 private residential blocks containing combustible ACM cladding have had it completely removed since the Grenfell fire last June. 
MG Legal, your property solicitors Preston are on hand to advise you on any queries you may have, inclusive of advice on your rights as an occupier of a property. It is, firstly, important to establish whether you have a Lease or a Licence, as the rights you have under each can vary massively. 
Purchasing commercial property, in many ways, mirrors the procedure of a residential purchase. 
Searches, however, are a particularly important aspect of the commercial transaction for reasons that differ from residential purposes. Your Preston law firm will find certain aspects of particular interest here, which include, however are not limited to, the following: 
In the quest for perfect shoes the path never did run smooth. 
Picture the scene; its warm, you’re wandering the streets of Manchester, you’re channelling your inner Carrie as you wonder what you would do if Big had proposed to you. And then you see them…the perfect, flawless, sky high heels an ideal match for that dress you’ve been dying to wear. Their red soles glinting in the sun light, seducing you, tantalising you, teasing you. Without a thought you rush in, “Size 6?” you’re in luck, your breath catches as your foot slips in and the perfect shoe is a perfect fit. To top it off they’re in the sale. 
What. A Bargain. 
At MG Legal, your conveyancing solicitors Preston, we not only specialise in residential property, but also commercial property transactions. 
What is commercial property? 
Essentially, commercial property is property that is not designed or used for residential purposes. Primarily, commercial property deals with office, retail, leisure and industrial buildings. This is where the work of your property solicitors Preston come in. The main reasons for buying commercial property fall into the following: 
He’s making a list and checking it twice – MG Legal, Conveyancing Solicitors Preston are sure to be on your “Nice List” if you instruct now! 
For those of you looking to be in your new home, before mention of that dreaded ‘C’ word, instruct MG Legal now. The average residential property transaction takes roughly six to eight weeks, so get that fruit soaking for the Christmas Cake and you’ll be cutting in to it on Christmas day in your new home. 
Dissolution Proceedings are one of the legal way to end a Civil Partnership. Family Solicitors Preston explain that, like marriage, these proceedings cannot be issued if the parties have been in a Civil Partnership for less than a year. Also, like marriage, there is only one ground for a dissolution: that the partnership has broken down irretrievably. There are five facts which the Petitioner (the issuing party) can proceed on the basis of. These are the same as those used in divorce proceedings, and can be found in Family Solicitors Preston’s blog here. If you are unsure what fact you can rely on, your Family Solicitors Preston will be able to advise you. 
MG Legal, your accident injury solicitors can report that, according to a recent review of the insurance industry, the only way cuts can possibly be made by insurers (and passed on to motorists) is if more insurers are introduced into the insurance market. Prolific road traffic accidents solicitors, MG Legal, personal injury solicitors Preston, note that there are no more than nine insurers insuring and underwriting vehicles in the UK, many trading through 2 or more of the names you see on any comparison website. 
When people are injured, and it’s somebody else’s fault, then the first cause of action, other than seeking medical assistance, is to go and see your personal injury solicitors Preston. You see, being injured may just be the start of your problems.. imagine you’ve suffered an injury that affects the rest of your working life; or if you are injured, and can go back to work, it may be that you’re not in a position to do your previous job as well, or may be subject to disadvantage on the open labour market, if at any time you decide to leave your job, or are forced to do so in the increasingly volatile and changing world of employment. 
When couples end up in Court proceedings relating to financial matters connected to a divorce, they do not always expect the seriousness of the matter. Quite often, people explain how they did not realise the involvement that they would be required to have, until they spoke to family solicitors Lancaster, MG Legal. 


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