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Although, as your property solicitors Preston will advise, there is a duty on the seller to disclose any relevant information about a property they are selling - the general rule is known as ‘Caveat Emptor’. Essentially, this means let the ‘buyer beware’, and stipulates that the buyer should make the necessary investigations prior to Exchanging Contracts when buying a property. 
This brings us to the responsibilities of your conveyancing solicitors Preston who are on hand to ensure the integrity of, and make the necessary enquiries about the property being purchased. 
When selling a property, MG Legal, your Preston law firm, understand that there can be a lot to take in and consider, in particular the amount of documentation you are required to complete. This is why your conveyancing solicitors Preston are on hand to help. 
There are a number of important documents your Garstangs solicitors will provide, however, you may ask, what are they for and why do they need to be signed? 
When purchasing a property, conveyancing searches are an extremely important part of the conveyancing process that, your Preston solicitors, would always recommend carrying out. If you are buying with the assistance of a mortgage, your Lender will require that searches are carried out in order that any potential issues with the property are revealed and can be reported to them. 
At MG Legal, we understand that the term ‘First Registration’ may mean nothing to you. However, if you are purchasing a property that is currently unregistered at the Land Registry, your solicitors in Lancaster will be required to carry out this process on your behalf. 
Not that long ago, our Lancaster Solicitors explained how the Government were now considering expanding the Civil Partnership Act to include any couple who wishes to enter into one (read our Lancaster Solicitors’ blog here). Our Lancaster Solicitors explained that this would benefit co-habiting couples who do not wish to marry, as they could enter into a Civil Partnership and gain the same rights as a married couple, for example, our Lancaster Solicitors explained, they would be entitled to certain benefits on the death of their partner that they would not usually be entitled to. 
Many parents of minors who suffer from a lack of mental capacity often forget that the automatic rights given to them by way of Parental Rights protections, including all financial and medical decisions, are diminished somewhat when their child reaches adulthood, often leading to a minefield of confusion, worry, and lack of knowing where to turn. 
At the end of June, our Lancaster solicitors team wrote about a Supreme Court Ruling relating to Civil Partnerships and Marriages, whereby a couple, Steinfeld and Keidan, wanted to enter into a Civil Partnership (read our blog, here). 
The final ruling made by the Justices was that the appellant’s rights under article 14 and article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights was breached by the continuing legality of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 following the introduction of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. 
Everyone who wants to be properly compensated for the injuries that they have suffered, whether through someone else’s negligence in a medical capacity, an accident at work, or road traffic accident, deserves the best advice and guidance. If you are looking for Lancaster solicitors who specialise in Personal Injury Lancaster, then look no further. MG Legal’s expert team have over 80 years’ experience dealing with a range of Personal Injury claims and are on-hand to give you the advice that you need. 
At MG Legal, we understand that there are many different things to consider when progressing through the conveyancing process. Your solicitors in Preston, Lancashire, are on hand to discuss the importance of Building Regulations. 
Most accidents are, by their very nature unforeseen – and therefore they come with no warning. This can render any victims unprepared on how to deal with the repercussions, and confused on what to do next. When you or a loved one is involved in an accident that left you injured, you will need to make quick decisions. You will need to ask a few things to the lawyers in Preston. 
If you are injured, you should consider getting treatment immediately after sustaining any injury. Additionally, you should seek legal advice so you can advice from lawyers in Preston, MG Legal, who can help you to get the best compensation. But, how can you make sure that you are working with good lawyers in Preston? MG Legal’s expert team have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with claims for compensation for all types of personal injury claims. Here are the questions that you need to know the answers to:- 


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