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If any of our readers have followed our Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate Solicitors in Lancaster and Preston’s blogs over the past few years, you will have read that the Probate Registries across England and Wales have faced numerous issues over the past year. From a computer glitch last April, which caused months and months’ of backlog, to staff numbers being reduced due to COVID-19, and the closing of several registries, there has been inconsistencies with the Registries’ timescales. 
Now, The Law Society Gazette has published an article explaining the current Probate Registry position. In May, applications for Probate had almost halved, as Probate Solicitors everywhere struggled to gain access to original Wills and to obtain client’s signatures to the Probate application forms. Fortunately, as our team of Probate Solicitors continued to work throughout the pandemic, offering expert legal advice and assistance to our clients, this was not an issue for them. However, since lockdown guidelines have eased, there has now been a surge of new applications, with more applications being received, per week, than the number of Grants of Representation actually being issued. 
Despite the issues being faced, the Government figures show that the average turn around for applications is still 6 to 8 weeks, with 4,329 Grants issued last week alone. But, what could these delays mean for you? 

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Well, as according to the Government figures there are no significant delays with issuing Grants at this time, our Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate Solicitors would simply advise our Probate clients to be mindful that we may see a delay going forward, although we can hope that the increase of Probate Registry staff numbers will help to circumvent any issues. 
Our Probate Solicitors would also advise that anyone who has lost a loved one should contact our expert team as soon as they can to discuss what they need to do as Executor or Administrator and how our team can help. 
You can contact us online, here, or email for a call back within one working hour to discuss your loved one’s Estate. 
If you just need some more information at the moment about what a Probate application is, how much it will cost to make an application for Probate and who can apply for Probate, our Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate solicitors have got you covered. Click on the topic, above, to find out more information. 
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