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The scales of justice, with a member of an opposite-sex couple on either side
Following our family solicitors’ previous blogs about whether civil partnerships should be available for all couples, regardless of their gender, we are pleased to report that it was announced, just last week, that the Civil Partnership (Opposite-Sex Couples) Regulations 2019 have now been approved by Lords on 5th November. 

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Whilst this will not affect those who still wish to get married, previously only same-sex couples could form a Civil Partnership. Some arguments have been put forward that this was fair, as for years and year, same-sex couples have been unable to get married, however a civil partnership gives same and opposite sex couples the same rights as those who are married, but without getting married, which may suit those who wish to co-habit and have rights over their significant other’s property, but without getting married. 
For now, the Civil Partnership (Opposite-Sex Couples) Regulations 2019 only allows opposite-sex couples to enter into a Civil Partnership, and it does not allow them to cover the same into a marriage under the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013. This could all change, though, when the outcome of the consultation of conversion rights is published – watch this space! 
According to Baroness Williams, the regulations will commence starting on 2nd December, which will mean that, for those of you wanting a New Year’s Eve ceremony, you could form your opposite-sex civil partnership from 31st December, which follows the usual 28 day introduction period for new regulations. 
In his comments, Martin Loat, Chair of the Equal Civil Partnerships campaign, made a special thank you to Rebecca Stenfield and Charles Keidan, the couple whose case ended up in the Supreme Court, battling for the right to enter into a Civil Partnership, amongst other Members of Parliament and Lords who have helped the Bill reach the end destination – the Houses of Parliament. 
You can read the full bill, here
If you’re wondering how to protect your assets before forming a Civil Partnership, or getting married, contact our expert Family Solicitors, here, or email family@mglegal.co.uk
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