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What are Official Copy Entries? 
Official Copy Entries are a form of document which your solicitors in Longridge can download from the Land Registry. This document will show all of the records the Land Registry hold about the property, and includes information for your property solicitors Preston to review and investigate accordingly. The records are held under a specific title number, unique to that property and are accompanied by a Title Plan showing the physical boundaries of the property. 
The document is set into three separate sections for your solicitors in Longridge to examine. 
A – The Property Register 
This Register describes the property and land comprised within the title. This will confirm the address of the property, whether the same is freehold or leasehold, together with any rights the property has the benefit of. The Register may refer to certain rights that are contained within specific documents, such as a Conveyance which dates back to 1990, for example. Your solicitors in Longridge would, therefore, request a copy of this document to gain clarity on exactly what the rights are and how they may affect the buyer purchasing the property. 
This section will also detail exactly what is registered at the Land Registry as forming that specific title number. This will include the property itself, however, in some cases can include a parking space for example. If you are purchasing a property, your property solicitors Preston would here ensure that all the land being sold is included within the property description. 
B – The Proprietorship Register 
This section of the Register is particularly important for your property solicitors Preston. Your solicitors in Longridge would look to this section to ensure that the seller has the authority to sell the property being sold. The registered proprietors would be listed here to confirm that the seller’s have the right to sell. 
This section also shows at what price the property was previously bought for, by the current owners. If there is a noticeable difference between that and the current value, your solicitors in Longridge would enquire as to why the value of the property has changed. Any detrimental reasons for a decrease in value would need to be reported to the buyer’s lender at this stage. 
C – The Charges Register 
This part of the Register deals with any charges, restrictions or other matters affecting the property. This would include any mortgages, any charges which have been registered against the property and any restrictions affecting the land. 
Your solicitors in Longridge would require a formal Undertaking, from the seller’s solicitor, that any charges would be discharged upon completion. This is to ensure that the same will not continue to affect the buyer during their period of ownership. As an example, an Undertaking would be required to confirm that the mortgage in favour of ‘Bank PLC’ will be fully redeemed upon Completion and would therefore be discharged and removed from the Register as a charge affecting the land. 
Any restrictions on the property would also be revealed here, for example restrictive covenants. Your solicitors in Longridge would request copies of any documents referred to which may contain such restrictions in order to clarify exactly what they entail. Your solicitors in Preston Lancashire would also ask for confirmation that the restrictions have all been complied with, to date, to protect the buyer against any potential future claims in respect of breach of covenant. 
Why are they important? 
The Official Copy Entries are particularly important for your solicitors in Longridge to investigate the property’s title. Important issues can be picked up on here which your property solicitors Preston can clarify prior to completion to ensure the buyer is protected. 
The Register should be up to date to give your solicitors in Longridge a view of the property’s current records to ensure no potential changes have been made to the entries noted within that may go on to affect the buyer. 
If the property is unregistered, no copy of the Register will be available. Your solicitors in Preston Lancashire would, in such cases, refer to the property’s title deeds, but would essentially be checking the same points that the Official Copy Entries would reveal. 
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