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It's hard to imagine that there are still people out there who are looking to move home, considering 992,590 households purchased a property in 2018. However, if you are someone looking to move home in 2019, then what can you expect – besides from an incredible service should you choose to instruct MG Legal, Property Solicitors Preston? 
It is predicted that the first quarter will be fairly quiet, with the growing uncertainty due to Brexit- many Sellers waiting until later in the year before marketing their property expecting to get a higher price once there is a little more certainty. But there will still be Buyers looking to snap up a bargain due to either Death, Divorce or Debt. 
Although it feels like it at the moment, it’s not all about Brexit! Following the financial crisis of 2008, the Housing Market took a massive collapse and this was followed by the UK’s most sluggish ever economic recovery. 
Whilst the market picked up again between 2010 to 2014; tax charges which target the wealthy, two general elections in close succession, the referendum and Brexit related job uncertainty combined triggering price falls once again. The office for National Statistics showing a steady decline in annual growth rate month-on-month over the last two years. 
Buyer’s are not assisted by strict lending criteria so potential movers seem to be renovating or extending their homes instead of relocating. Despite this; Andrew Burrell (Capital Economics) predicts that the market will continue to tread water. 
It is not all doom and gloom however; many Lenders are becoming more interested in the individual customer and their bespoke needs. By prioritising customer care, Lenders may encourage Buyers to plough ahead with their purchase once conditions are met. As mentioned previously; death, divorce and debt are ever present and there are bargains to be had! Add that to the mix of the people who are sick of hearing about Brexit and the impact it may or may not have on their lives could lead to some choosing to sell as part of their new year’s resolution to fulfil their life long goal to become a llama farmer. You just never know. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming blinded by figures that Housing Commenters pick out of the sky in an attempt to predict the future. Use your common sense and if you are ready to buy or sell take and deep breath and go for it! 
Enough about facts and figures…lets think about how your role as a consumer will play out in 2019. Everywhere you look consumers, that’s Buyers, Sellers, Transferors and Transferees alike want better communication with their conveyancer about the process, fees and understanding timescales. Another huge concern is that of fraud particularly because the consequences are potentially huge! Your nearest solicitors, MG Legal believe that consumers deserve and expect a modern, flexible approach. When the Consumer calls MG Legal, solicitors Lancaster, they speak direct to the Property Solicitor, or File Handler acting on their file; a call back means a call back and incoming correspondence is dealt with within 24 hours of its receipt. With convenient conveyancing in Lancaster, Solicitors in Chorley and Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester we can guarantee transparency and confidence in order to assist you having a predictable moving experience so that you know what to expect and when. 
Our Goal at MG Legal is to make moving and home ownership better for everyone by transforming the way you buy, sell or transfer property by improving communication, constantly increasing safety and encouraging collaboration between ourselves, Brokers and Estate Agents. Contact us now on 01995 602 129 or via
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