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Our NO WIN NO FEE food allergy solicitors discuss Natasha’s Law, and how this will affect food allergy claims. Contact us today to start your claim. 
From 1st October 2021, the UK Food Information Amendment Act, also known as Natasha’s Law, came into effect in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The new act requires food businesses to include a full list of the ingredients on the packaging of food sold on their premises, as well as highlighting any allergens in the product. 

What is Natasha’s Law: 

The new legislation amendment has been introduced as a result of lobbying from a group led by the parents and family of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who sadly passed away after she suffered an allergic reaction to an undeclared ingredient on a pre-packaged food item. 
Our food allergy solicitors hope that this amendment will mean stronger laws being enforced, and that it will offer more protection for those with food allergies. It will also give these people with serious food allergies more confidence, and more freedom to buy pre-packaged food without worrying about undeclared allergens and ingredients. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading construction accident solicitors in Preston accept all food allergy claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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Recent increases in allergic reactions: 

Natasha’s Law comes at a worrying time in the world of food allergens, with a significant increase in the number of allergic reactions, and recorded allergies, being seen across the nation in recent years. 
These increases are extremely worrying, and between 2013 and 2019, England saw a 72% rise in the number of hospital admissions for children caused by anaphylaxis, from 1,015 admissions to 1,746. 

Why do more children have food allergies now? 

Some people attribute this to lifestyle changes, and believe that our society’s increased interest with cleanliness and germs has led to an overall weakening in our immune systems, leading to more children now developing food allergies, and food allergies of a more serious nature. However, there is no clear evidence as to why the number of people suffering from food allergies has increased so significantly in recent years. 

The legal positioning of food labelling- October 2021: 

With the new introduction of Natasha’s Law earlier this month, what is the legal standpoint of food labelling? This new legislation means that food businesses will have a legal obligation to include a number of pieces of information about their food on the packaging. 
This includes: 
A full ingredient list 
The name of the food 
An emphasis of all the allergenic ingredients 

The seriousness of food allergies: 

Here at MG Legal, we know the seriousness, and the dangers associated with food allergies for so many people. We regularly represent clients who have had serious allergic reactions, and been in medical emergencies, because of undeclared ingredients in pre-packaged food in supermarkets, cafes, and small businesses alike. It is currently thought that around 20% of the UK population suffer from at least one food allergy, and as previously mentioned, this figure has been significantly rising in recent years, with no signs of slowing down. 

Why choose MG Legal: 

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What are some common allergens? 

Our food allergy solicitors have represented clients with a wide range of food allergies, and allergies that range in severity. Still, all food allergies are serious, and consumers should be able to buy their food without worrying about undeclared ingredients and allergens in food products. 
While there are wide range of food allergies, some of the most common allergens that our food allergy solicitors see on a regular basis in our clients, are: 

The effects of negligence regarding food allergies: 

With so many foods being recognised as allergens, and around 1 in 5 of us suffering from a food allergy everyday, acts of negligence on the part of food establishment when it comes to labelling and declaring ingredients in their products can be serious, and even fatal. 
Our food allergy solicitors see some common acts of negligence that lead to our clients making food allergy claims against businesses. These include: 
The incorrect information and ingredients being listed on a menu 
A product being mislabelled as safe for certain allergies 
Employees in a food establishment giving the wrong advice or answer regarding allergens in their products 

Make a NO WIN NO FEE food allergy claim with MG Legal today: 

So, with this new legal standpoint, and the new legal requirement to provide more information, and for food establishments to be more open about their products, how will Natasha’s Law protect consumer going forward? 
With the recent introduction of Natasha’s Law, we are likely to see improvements as two-fold. First, consumers and those living with allergens will be able to food shop more safely, and enjoy the food that they buy out and about, without worrying that there may be undeclared allergens in there. 
Secondly, in the instances were negligence does still take place from food establishments, and businesses fail to meet the requirements in place from Natasha’s Law, the new legislation will make it easier for injured people to make a personal injury claim for this negligence, and make it easier for our food allergy solicitors to prove liability in the food allergy claims that we take on. 
If you have suffered an allergic reaction, whether it was mild or life-threatening, due to undeclared allergens in food, or a food that you were misled about regarding its ingredients, then you could be eligible to make a NO WIN NO FEE food allergy claim today with our specialist solicitors. 
Here at MG Legal, our food allergy solicitors have over 30 years of experience in making food allergy claims just like yours, and have a success rate of over 99% in the claims that we take on. We accept all of our food allergy claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, allowing to you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve at no financial risk. 
To speak to a specialist food allergy solicitor about making a food allergy claim on a free, no-obligation basis, simply contact us online here and speak to a friendly solicitor within one working hour. 
No Win No Fee Food Allergy Claims Across England and Wales: 
No matter where you are injured across England and Wales, MG Legal's Food Allergy Solicitors are here to help you to achieve the financial compensation that you deserve. 
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