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In recent weeks, a young woman was awarded £60,000 in financial compensation for a misdiagnosis of her cancer at Newcastle NHS Trust Hospital. After first attending her GP in 2018 suffering from a lump in the left side of her neck that was firm and painless, she was referred to the Head and Neck department of the hospital for an appointment within two weeks, as is necessary under NHS cancer referral guidelines. 
When she attended this appointment, a diagnostic CT scan was performed which showed that she had a lesion growing on her jaw that was currently 3.5cm in size, which was later diagnosed as a ‘fibroma’, which is a benign tumour. 
However, at the time that this was diagnosed by a specialist surgeon, he was able to see copies of a mouth X-ray carried out two years earlier when the patient had teeth removed at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust Dental Hospital. The surgeon revealed that the lesion was evident on this X-ray, but that nothing was noted at the time or reported. 
This delayed cancer diagnosis, despite the tumour being clearly visible on the previous X-ray, was an obvious sign of medical negligence, and the patient began making a cancer misdiagnosis medical negligence claim for financial compensation. 
If the tumour had been properly identified and diagnosed when it was first apparent, it is likely that the subsequent surgery in order to treat the tumour would not have been necessary. When the patient’s medical negligence solicitor filed the delayed cancer diagnosis medical negligence claim, the NHS Trust quickly admitted fault and responsibility for the delayed diagnosis of the tumour. Because of this, the cancer misdiagnosis claim was able to be settled quickly out of court, allowing the patient to focus on her recovery. 
This is a clear cut case of how medical negligence, and a delay in cancer diagnosis, can directly impact patients and cause them further harm, and require them to undergo further surgery and treatment that should not have been necessary. 

No Win No Fee Compensation: 

MG Legal's leading medical negligence solicitors accept all cancer misdiagnosis claims on a "No Win, No Fee" basis, and have a success rate of over 99%. 
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What is cancer misdiagnosis claim? 

If you are looking to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim, and are unsure as to whether your treatment constituted medical negligence, cancer misdiagnosis, or a delayed cancer misdiagnosis, you might be wondering what constitutes negligence in a cancer diagnosis claim
If, as part of your treatment and diagnosis, your doctor or medical professional has failed to do one of the following things, you might be eligible to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim
Refer you for the relevant tests 
Carry out an adequate examination 
Conduct the necessary scans or biopsies 
Send you for specialist cancer treatment 
Diagnose cancer despite indications from symptoms and test results 
Organise relevant follow-up care 
Provided incorrect/unnecessary treatment 
If you or your loved one have experienced any of these things mentioned above, you could be able to make a no win no fee cancer misdiagnosis claim with our specialist no win no fee solicitors. Simply contact us online here to discuss your potential cancer misdiagnosis claim on a free, no-obligation basis. 

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Make a NO WIN NO FEE cancer misdiagnosis claim with MG Legal: 

If you are looking to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim for financial compensation, and you are unsure with where to begin with making your cancer misdiagnosis claim, it is always best to reach out to a medical negligence solicitor specialising in cancer misdiagnosis claims, such as our specialist solicitors MG Legal. 
Our cancer misdiagnosis solicitors are always happy to speak with potential clients about their claims, and discuss what the claims process will be like for them, and how much their cancer misdiagnosis claim might be worth. 
Here at MG Legal, our leading medical negligence solicitors have over 30 years of experience in making cancer misdiagnosis claims for our clients, and we have an unmatched success rate of over 99%. To learn more and speak to a solicitor today, simply contact us online, here, and speak to a cancer misdiagnosis solicitor the same working day on a free no-obligation basis. 
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